131. Notice How Others Respond To Your Communication: Valuable Feedback

Your communication has a profound influence on the quality of your relationships. In this insightful episode of the Language Alchemy Podcast, host Alejandra Siroka brings to light the crucial need for awareness in how we communicate, underscoring its power to either strengthen bonds or cause harm.


Alejandra explores the multifaceted nature of communication, highlighting that it's not just about the words we use. Aspects such as tone of voice, body language, demeanor, energy, and actions play a significant role. She provides examples to illustrate how different styles of communication can have a range of impacts, from uplifting and positive, to negative and damaging.


A key focus of the episode is the delicate balance between intention and impact. Alejandra points out that even with the best intentions, our way of communicating might not always yield a positive effect. She introduces the concept of relational communication, aiming to nourish life and foster connections. This approach centers on cultivating love, authenticity, peace, compassion, equity, and equality in our interactions.


To develop a deeper understanding of our communication's impact, Alejandra advises listeners to be observant of others' reactions. She challenges listeners to take on a 7-day exploration and pay close attention to facial expressions, tones, body language, word choices, and actions as responses to our own communication style.


For listeners inspired to take their communication skills to the next level, Alejandra extends a special invitation. Whether you're interested in one-on-one coaching for personalized guidance or prefer the collaborative environment of group coaching, Alejandra offers programs tailored to help you improve your communication. These sessions are designed to deepen your understanding and practice of effective, relationship-enhancing communication strategies. To explore these opportunities and begin your journey towards more impactful communication, visit www.languagealchemy.com for more details on her coaching programs.



• “Communication from the Language Alchemy perspective encompasses, of course, our verbal language, the words we say, how we say them, our tone of voice, the quality of our voice, our body language, such as facial expressions, gestures, body postures, breath, our energy, that is to say what's going on in our bodies, and our actions and behaviors. All of these make up our communication.” (2:33 | Alejandra Siroka) 

• “From the lens of Language Alchemy, the purpose of communication is to contribute to life. The goal is to connect with ourselves and other precious human beings so that we can all thrive together and enjoy the experience of love, authenticity, peace, compassion, equity, and equality.” (8:53 | Alejandra Siroka)

• “During these next seven days, notice how the people in your life respond to your communication and actions. And I'm saying communication and actions here just to be super clear, but remember that from the Language Alchemy perspective, all actions and behaviors are communication. So during the next seven days, notice how the people in your life respond to you.” (14:21 | Alejandra Siroka)



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