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Contribution and collaboration are two of my most cherished values.

It's a privilege to inspire people to communicate with clarity, confidence, and compassion through different media.

Below you will find some podcasts, interviews, and talks I've participated in.

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The Pretty Truth Podcast

Liz Baily and Jess Taylor talked with Alejandra about the power of language. They discuss how we communicate with everyone every day in many ways and the human race could bear to get an upgrade in how we relate to others and the world. Alejandra helps us understand that language is key to nurturing or breaking bonds and the more conscious we are with our communication as both a speaker and a listener, the more fulfilled our relationships will be!

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Radio interview on KKUP 91.5

In this inspiring conversation with Diane Solomon, Alejandra shares her perspective on why conversation and connection is becoming more difficult. Her teaching centers on how to communicate our truth without creating conflict as we transform our communication into a language of compassion. She also delves into understanding the intersection of language and racial justice issues.


The Creative Superheroes Podcast

What does a conscious relationship look like? Does speaking your own truth mean saying whatever comes to mind? Alejandra and Andrea Scher explore the outcomes of using different language in relationships and the power is holds to bring different outcomes in our life. Full of practical advice and stories from her personal experience, Alejandra invites us to step away from a right/wrong paradigm into a transformative language of compassion.

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The Dr. Georgiana Show

In this guest appearance, Alejandra breaks down the reason behind the power imbalance in so many heterosexual couples. She shares her experience coaching couples in transformative communication, and explains why equality doesn't always mean 50/50.

You, too can learn to communicate with clarity, confidence and compassion to have the life and relationships you most want.

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