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One-on-one Communication Coaching


Wish you could say what you mean with confidence?

Want to speak your truth without fear of offending others?

Would you like to ask for what you need and be heard?

I can help you!

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I can support you if you're ready to


  • have a clear, confident and compassionate voice when you need it

  • shift self-sabotaging communication and behavior patterns that keep you small, insecure or disconnected

  • let go of self-criticism, self-rejection and self-pity

  • develop healthy personal, romantic or professional relationships

  • have more joy and less drama in your life

Denise D.

In Alejandra’s on-line course I experienced her gentle loving manner, intelligent grounded presence, and passionate ability to create a safe environment for transformation.

In our work together, I learned to recognize “triggered” energy patterning that was sabotaging my communication and how to transform it into awareness for authentic and conscious communication. I learned that I have the capacity to remain grounded, present and open even in the most vulnerable situations.

As a result of our work together I experience more fulfillment and love while connecting and communicating with others. What has become crystal clear to me through this alchemical journey is that the more I invest in connecting wholeheartedly and authentically, the more I invest in the well being of humanity.

Taylor P.

I was seeking change and direction in my life. I wanted to work with someone that was kind and understanding but could also give me the tools I needed in my life.

Alejandra impressed me with her knowledge and her ability to truly connect with me.

In our sessions, I've learned so much about myself, but mostly I've learned why I feel certain ways and how to handle the feelings I thought were "bad feelings" when they are present. I now know how to be kind to myself and treat my life with balance.

I've learned to speak and communicate with others in a more genuine way that comes with empathy. I take more time to listen and understand where others are coming from before I respond or jump to conclusions.

My relationships with loved ones have improved and I've even gotten feedback from others that I've grown and communicate better.


Outcomes you can achieve

One of my favorite aspects of supporting my clients, is witnessing their growth and transformation. Here are just some of my clients' beautiful accomplishments to give you an idea:

  • Communicate needs with confidence and clarity
  • Listen with compassion
  • Decrease judgment of self and others
  • Navigate inner struggles and interpersonal conflicts skillfully
  • Have healthy conversations about difficult topics
  • Develop and keep healthy personal and professional relationships
  • Set important boundaries needed for healthy relating
  • Make value-based decisions with clarity and ease
  • Be heard and respected
  • Heal relationships
  • Increased energy, calmness and self-satisfaction
Book a reduced rate 60-minute consultation

What's the Language Alchemy coaching process like?

Here are three proven steps to help you experience more connection and harmony.

Schedule a 60-minute coaching consultation at a reduced rate

We have a 60-minute video session about your specific communication challenges, needs, and goals.

You come away with clarity about what and how you need to shift in your communication to have the life and relationships you most want.

Together we decide if a personalized transformative communication program would be useful for you for 3, 6, or 9 months.


Receive a personalized transformative communication coaching plan

I put together a clear roadmap tailored to your specific transformative communication goals and needs.

You approve the plan, make your first monthly payment, and receive access to a customized private coaching platform.

You schedule your video coaching sessions with me for the duration of your program.


Step into your power to express your true self

We have coaching sessions in which you learn to transform unhelpful communication habits, connect to your capacity, and cultivate transformative communication tools for your authentic expression.

You come away from each session with actions steps to explore and practice.

You engage in sustainable transformation because I keep you accountable and you stay committed to your transformation.

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Nammy P.

I am a strong independent woman who likes to be in control and get things done.
In our work together, I saw I had a lot of fears and didn't feel safe to know how to talk about them. I didn't want to upset others. I learned how to feel safe while expressing my concern and fears in a way that is respectful to others. In fact, communicating openly helps the other person be open, honest, and vulnerable.

I feel like I became a woman working with Alejandra.
I know now how to give my inner child had the support it needed to live in the world as a smart, successful yet compassionate, and caring woman.
As a result of our Language Alchemy work, I feel like I live life now. I always lived in fear but I now live in my power. I can communicate with my heart to reach a resolution.  I feel like the work I did with Alejandra is the art in the heart of working with people!   

Mitchell B.

I just had a big breakup and I felt like I did not know how to move forward. I could not focus on my studies or my future and felt lost and lonely. It seemed that I could not motivate myself anymore.

My mom suggested I called Alejandra. My mom took Alejandra’s workshops and knew Alejandra could help me find my way back. My mom said Alejandra was going to show me what was valuable about me. At the time, I could not tell one thing that was valuable about me.

Talking to her was like a sanctuary. I knew I was in a safe place. That safety helped me be open to discuss what was going on for me with total honesty.

In our sessions, we did lots of exercises to alleviate my stress and helped me regain my confidence and power.

I learned that I did not need to have a girlfriend to feel lovable and okay with myself. I don’t feel lonely for not having a girlfriend anymore because I learned to be happy with myself.

Approaches & Modalities you'll benefit from

These are the components integrated into Language Alchemy coaching:

  • EMPATHY: I listen to you with full attention and non-judgment and put myself in your shoes to see life from your perspective.
  • RESPECT: I honor your inner knowing. You have the capacity to develop the communication skills to express who you are as an adult.
  • REFLECTION: I offer reflections using techniques from NVC (Non-Violent Communication), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Mindfulness.
  • COMPASSIONATE SOMATIC INQUIRY PROCESSES:  If you want long-lasting transformation, it's important to engage in compassionate understanding that includes all the parts of who you are and how you communicate. I guide you and teach you powerful processes from yoga, non-dualistic eastern philosophies, NLP. NVC, Buddhist psychology, somatic practices, meditation, neuroscience, and Ayurveda.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: I keep you accountable and committed to your communication goals. I track your journey and celebrate your growth.

How's coaching different from psychotherapy?

While both coaching and psychotherapy can lead to deep connection and transformation with self and others, there are big differences.


  • The focus is on understanding your present experience and your desired goals and developing the skills to reach them
  • Coaching is action-oriented.
  • At the end of each session, you will have an action to experiment with in between sessions
  • Your attention is on the how
  • Coaching can be therapeutic but it doesn't diagnose or treat mental disorders


  • The focus is on understanding your life's history and how your past environment and circumstances led you to your present issues
  • Psychotherapy is process-oriented
  • You usually reflect and process your life to understand why things are the way they are
  • Your attention is on the why
  • Psychotherapy can effectively diagnose and treat diagnosable disorders

Language Alchemy is not psychotherapy, but deep transformational communication coaching. This alchemical journey leads to deep connection, understanding, and compassion for yourself and others.

When you transform your unconscious communication limitations, you are able to express yourself authentically. your authentic expression allows you to thrive in life and relationships.

Many of my clients tried psychotherapy before and are drawn to coaching instead; others find our work to be an excellent complement to psychotherapy. Several of my clients are psychotherapists in practice and training.

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Jenny M.

Since working with Alejandra, I’ve learned how to transform the way I interact with others and how I connect with myself. I’ve been able to handle difficult conversations with grace.

Her gentle and strong method of deep listening and guidance is effective and magical. I’m so grateful I answered the call to connect with her. I stand in my own truth more that ever before and feel confident in moving ahead with my newfound courage to express and shine.

Rob M.

I sought out Alejandra’s help on two different occasions: once when I was having challenges with a housemate and another time when I had relationship issues.

Alejandra helped me understand why I was having challenges and helped me address them by teaching me useful techniques and more effective ways of communicating.

I am definitely able to communicate more authentically and have more tools to use when I confront the inevitable challenge.

Liz B.

I came to work with Alejandra 7 years ago as I was going through a major life transition. I had tried good old-fashioned therapy which was helpful for the short term but I was looking for tools I could use by myself long term.

Alejandra and I worked on both personal and professional hurdles.

Through our work, I've learned the benefits of meditation and how to slow down and think about how I’m communicating to help me thrive in all aspects of my life.

Jared P.

I came to work with Alejandra shortly after my father passed away to learn how to cope with the loss.

I only wish that I started going sooner because not only has it taught me how to work through my feelings, but also to communicate better in my relationships, at my job, and with my family and friends.

A year later, I’m in a much better place than I could have imagined, and happier and more fulfilled than I’ve ever been.

Rebecca B.

I was facing a career decision. I wanted to know how to communicate my final decision to my employer and loved ones. 

Alejandra taught me how to determine what I actually wanted to do (instead of what I thought I should do). 

I learned to understand and express with confidence what I wanted and why I wanted it. 

I am enjoying my career more than I have in the last 25 years!

Yonah L.

I sought out Alejandra to prepare for Medical School interviews.

Alejandra's approach to our work together was warm, inviting, and conveyed an implicit message about the importance of self-awareness.

Alejandra had me identify those values most important to me. This helped me remain grounded and confident during my interviews.

I can now better communicate, which is so important for a doctor.

Michael A.

When I began my year-long journey with Alejandra, I struggled to have a healthy relationship with myself and others; mostly because I was unable to speak my mind, tell my truth, and express my needs in a healthy manner. 

Further, I was stuck in a proverbial rut in my career life as well.  I did not feel as though I had a purpose, and I did not know myself well enough to know what I valued and what I wanted to do professionally. 

Through my work with Alejandra, I learned to connect with myself in a way that I had never done before.  In so doing, my self-talk ceased to be negative and my drive and passion for life came back.  I

n developing compassion for myself I began to communicate compassionately with others. 

I applied to law school and I was accepted.  I am now successful attorney.  If it had not been for the work Alejandra and I did together, I would not have been able to walk through the fear that was keeping me from growing. 

I like the person I am today, which is something I could not say before.  I am extremely grateful for the year I spent learning together.


Shannon B.

I’ve worked with Alejandra one-on-one twice after going to her workshops. I was experiencing a lot of personal anguish and frustration both with life circumstances and people in general.

I learned about my habit of redirecting my frustration with others back at myself and how that lead me to a cycle of self-loathing. I started feeling hopeless about the prospect of being able to be functional again.

I sought professional help through traditional psychotherapy and was not finding a way out of hopelessness and helplessness.

The first notable difference in working with her is that she is an active participant in the session.  When I am with Alejandra, she listens to my needs, asks me to pause, and reflects back to me what she hears in a way that we can piece things together.

She knows my patterns and is able to help me connect to behaviors and language patterns with specific guidance.

I don’t feel alone in the sessions; in fact, I feel a sense of companionship and partnership.

Lana H.

I found Alejandra through a mindful mothering group after I tried three different therapists with no success.

I had postpartum anxieties, sleep deprivation and had been going through a tough time in my marriage. Life happened too fast for me and became easily short-tempered; expressing all my emotions to my husband was extremely difficult.

Alejandra taught me the art of understanding and expressing my own thoughts in a way that I could be heard exactly how I wanted others to hear me. I’ve learned how to listen and understand the underlying values and meaning behind words.

My life started shifting to a whole new level. I became less irritable and much more confident when it comes to communicating something important. I know I’m a better wife and mother now than I was a few months ago.  My situation was time-sensitive. I had to save my marriage and raise a child in a healthy household. All of these changes happened in just a few months. I will be forever grateful to Alejandra.

You, too can learn to communicate with clarity, confidence and compassion to have the life and relationships you most want.

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