80. 7 Ways to Connect to Your Inner Wisdom Voice

“If you want to connect to your inner wisdom voice and give it the space it needs to give you its powerful messages, you need consistency,” explains host Alejandra. It is important to follow your inner voice, but you cannot follow your inner voice if you don’t know how to connect with it. Today, Alejandra shares seven ways to connect to your inner wisdom voice.


By creating conscious practices that you engage in daily, you will start to connect more with your inner wisdom voice. It can be difficult to hear our inner voice when our minds are usually cluttered with a mix of our own thoughts and other people’s voices. To really connect, you will need space, silence, and consistency. Some options for daily practices include getting out into nature, meditating, journaling, intentional physical activities like yoga and tai chi, and listening to music. 


When we learn to quiet our mind, we can have the space to receive the important messages it is trying to tell us. It is vital to engage in your chosen conscious practices daily in order to form and maintain a connection to your inner voice. The more you practice accessing your inner voice, the more your inner voice will be able to offer you its guidance. 


• “If our mind is constantly busy and cluttered with all kinds of voices competing for attention, especially with voices that belong to others, it can be really hard to have a deep connection and to get to know our inner voice. Likewise, if we don't do it consistently, it's going to be hard to get to know it and differentiate it from other internal voices. So the question about connecting to your inner wisdom voice is more about asking yourself how to make space, remain silent and cultivate consistency so that your inner voice can guide you and you can honor its guidance. ” (4:11-4:57 | Alejandra) 

• “Meditation is a wonderful way to create space and silence within yourself.” (5:53-5:58 | Alejandra) 

• “Being in contact with nature allows you to connect to something bigger and deeper than your day to day and can provide that space for you to listen to your inner wisdom voice.“ (8:03-8:15 | Alejandra)

• “If you want to connect to your inner wisdom voice and give it the space it needs to give you its powerful messages, you need consistency.” (13:08-13:17 | Alejandra)



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