79. Which Voice in Your Head Is Great to Listen to?

“The voices that belong to someone else are not our intuition, essential voice, or wisdom voice,” explains host Alejandra. Sometimes when we try to listen to our inner voice, we may also hear conflicting messages, such as insecurity or doubt, leaving us confused. Today, Alejandra explores how to work past unhelpful internal dialogue to connect to our authentic inner wisdom voice.


On the road to transformative communication, listening to our own voice is key. Since we are human, it may be challenging to hear our inner voice's messages. In times of stress, we may get clouded by the language of family members, friends, or other authority figures whose opinions we value. However, it’s essential not to let others' feelings get in the way of processing our own. By learning to identify and listen to our inner wisdom voice, we can work past the outside influences and understand what we truly want.


Don’t let the values of others overpower your own. When we hear voices that belong to someone else, they usually dictate to us a “right” and “wrong” way of behaving and being. When these times occur, we must ask ourselves if this voice is ours or belongs to someone else. By listening to our body's reactions to these messages, we can gain clarity about how we feel and the kind of person we wish to be.



• “In our inner dialogue, we have lots of internal voices.” (2:16-2:20 | Alejandra)

• “When voices belong to someone else, they usually message us rules to follow or “correct” ways of being and behaving.” (3:07-3:19 | Alejandra)

• “The voices that belong to someone else are not our intuition, essential voice, or wisdom voice.” (5:18-5:27 | Alejandra)

• “If the language has content about how you should be, how you should behave, or how the world is or should be, and you feel tightness and contraction, that voice is likely to belong to somebody else.” (5:38-5:54 | Alejandra)

• “Our inner wisdom voice usually has deeper messages for us that go beyond a rule about behaviors or a “correct” way of being. Our inner wisdom voice tells us about deep needs and precious longings.” (6:25-6:42 | Alejandra) 



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