With a Proven Process to

Getting Inspired and Staying Committed




JANUARY 1, 2024 

12 PM - 2 PM PST/ 3 PM - 5 PM EST















JANUARY 1, 2024 

12 PM - 2 PM PST/ 3 PM - 5 PM EST


The first step to enjoying thriving relationships:


Create a vision of the relationship that aligns with your values.


You need the space to connect with yourself at a deep level, so you can show up in all your relationships with clarity + confidence + compassion.


You don’t need to have another year of regrets or unsatisfactory relationships (that’s stressful and depressing).


Do any of the following sound familiar?


  • You lose sleep judging yourself or others for what you said or didn’t say
  • You would love to have more meaningful relationships and fewer superficial ones
  • You spend too much time with people who don’t encourage you to show up as your true self
  • You aren’t sure others know the real you and you'd like to have a close circle of people you can rely on
  • If you’re completely honest, you believe the problem in some of your relationships is that other people are difficult, complicated, or too demanding

If any of these resonate with you, it’s time to have a clear vision for thriving relationships in 2024!

Make 2024 the year you:

  • Have a clear vision of how to have thriving relationships
  • Know your core relational values
  • Understand and communicate your terms of engagement
  • Show up as the mature, compassionate adult you are
  • Have deep connection and fun

I’ll guide you through a proven process that will keep you inspired and committed to having thriving relationships throughout the year.

Start 2024 from the comfort of your home


in the company of like-hearted people


who, like you, want thriving relationships.



You’ll come away from the workshop with a clear vision for:


✓ your core relational values

which relationships you’d like to deepen

which relationships need an upgrade

the actions you’ll take throughout the year to enjoy thriving relationships


"I was surprised about getting such clear images of what I want. I feel empowered to follow through with my intentions and make them into habits."


Thais Harris, Holistic Nutritionist, Great Barrington, Massachusetts


"In 2 hours I have learned my core values and I have clarity about what I need to do for the best year ever!"


~ Nammy  Patel, Dentist, San Francisco, California


Meet Your Guide

Hi! I’m Alejandra Siroka. I’m a transformative communication teacher and coach, and host of the Language Alchemy Podcast. I'm devoted to helping multicultural individuals and couples engaged in personal growth, transform their lives and relationships through conscious communication.

I know what it’s like to have unsatisfactory relationships. In the past, I lost dear friendships because I didn’t know how to be a true friend, especially when I felt triggered by something they did or said. I also went through tough breakups that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Then, I met my husband Matthew in 2004, and I made it my mission to learn to keep our marriage meaningful and thriving. I also learned how to show up with my family and friends and I now enjoy long-lasting friendships and an authentic connection with my family members who are very different from me.

Having worked with thousands of people in my teaching and coaching practice, I see how much we long for meaningful connection. I delight in guiding my students and clients on the path to thriving relationships.

You can learn more about me at languagealchemy.com or follow me on social media @languagealchemy.

When I’m not teaching or coaching, you’ll catch me writing my book that will be published next year, hiking, dancing, playing music, in a meditation and yoga retreat, or having a meaningful conversation with a friend over a cup of tea. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my beloved husband of 18 years and our two cats: Miles and Meenakshi.

I have tiered, equitable rates to allow me to support clients from diverse income levels and explicitly communicate our interconnectedness.


This is a trust-based model. 


Reflect honestly on your financial situation.


Then, click on the payment tier that is appropriate for you and that allows me to support you. 



  • You have access to financial security, savings or own property. 
  • You have employment or steady income. 
  • You can always buy new items, pay for your “wants” and spend little time worrying about how to afford my basic needs (food, housing, transportation, etc). 
  • You can afford an annual vacation and take time off.

If this is you, then this price is for you:




  • You may have some debt or you’re working to build savings.
  • You don't spend most of your time thinking about how to afford your basic needs (food, housing, transportation).
  • You’re employed or receive income or you might have access to financial savings.
  • You’re able to buy new items & pay for some “wants” (eating out, going out), including going on vacation.

If this is you, then this price is for you:




  • You may stress about meeting your basic needs but still regularly achieve them. 
  • You’re able to pay for “wants” at least once a week (coffee, take out, movies).
  • You’re employed in a non-high paying job or only have part-time work.
  • You’re willing to include personal growth in your budget.


If this is you, then this price is for you: