139. Communicating Your Needs Will Enliven Your Life and Relationships

Do you truly understand your needs and are you communicating them clearly? In this episode of the Language Alchemy Podcast, and as the second part of the Communicating Needs Skillfully series, host Alejandra Siroka delves into the importance of recognizing and expressing emotional, intellectual, energetic, and spiritual needs.


Alejandra leads with a series of probing questions designed to help listeners explore their own perceptions and beliefs about their needs. 


Sharing insights from her personal life, Alejandra introduces a practice she relies on to clarify her needs when they seem uncertain. Drawing from a personal hiking experience with her partner, she illustrates how self-reflection through specific questions can enhance awareness, uncover deeper needs, and foster clear and meaningful communication:


  1.  What's truly going on with me right now? 
  2.  What do I need?
  3.  What's important for me right now?
  4.  What would be beneficial for me in this situation?
  5.  What would be useful to communicate out loud about my needs?


Through this story, Alejandra illustrates the crucial roles of self-awareness and empathy in recognizing personal needs and enhancing relational dynamics.


Alejandra offers an invitation to the Language Alchemy Group Coaching set in April, which will support those looking to know and connect better to their needs. 



• “I'm using the words beautiful, wonderful, and precious because one of my teachers, Robert Gonzalez, used to talk about needs as the most precious gifts we have to affirm our lives. Another teacher I had, Marshall Rosenberg, believed that every thought and every action was an attempt to meet a need. And you don't have to agree with them to understand that every living being has needs. Your needs don't have to be good or bad. They're just human, human needs. And because you are human, my dear, you have needs.” (07:58 | Alejandra Siroka)

• “It's easier to connect to the needs of our physical body because our bodies communicate with us very clearly when we need air, food, rest, etc. It's the other needs, the emotional, intellectual, energetic, and spiritual needs that seem more elusive. These are the needs we must connect to and communicate if we would like to have meaningful, fulfilling lives and relationships.” (09:11 | Alejandra Siroka) 

• “When you don't know what your needs are, ask yourself these four questions. Number one, what's truly going on with me right now? Number two, what do I need? Number three, what's important for me right now? And number four, what would be beneficial for me in this situation? These are the four questions that can help you connect to your needs. And if you'd like to take the next step of encouraging yourself to communicate your needs, then ask yourself the fifth question, what would be useful to communicate out loud about my needs? Asking yourself that question will help you direct your awareness to communicate more skillfully with the people in your life.” (15:50 | Alejandra Siroka)



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