129. Behind the Scenes: Cathy’s Transformation

How can changing the way we communicate transform our lives? In this episode of the Language Alchemy Podcast, host Alejandra Siroka explores this question with Cathy Simon, a renowned architect and author.  Cathy generously shares her experience of conscious communication coaching with Alejandra.


Cathy's adventure into Language Alchemy began through a friend's recommendation, leading her to Alejandra during a pivotal time in her personal and professional life. This decision marked the start of an impactful nine-month journey. Through one-on-one coaching with Alejandra, Cathy explored her communication patterns, learning to express her desires and needs in more effective and compassionate ways. The process was not just about learning new skills; it was a joyous transformation, reshaping how Cathy interacted with the world around her.


The impact of this journey was profound. In her marriage, Cathy's newfound communication skills led to a breakthrough, enabling her to address long-standing frustrations and encourage her husband to seek necessary health treatment, ultimately strengthening their relationship. Professionally, as an architect and author, the enhanced communication skills gained from Alejandra's teachings allowed Cathy to approach her work with a renewed sense of confidence and effectiveness.


Listeners looking to experience similar transformative effects in their communication and relationships are encouraged to explore personal communication coaching with Alejandra. Whether it's navigating personal relationships or professional challenges, mastering the art of conscious communication with Language Alchemy can lead to significant growth and development.



• “Working with you, Alejandra, has been a game changer for me, not only a game changer, but a life changer.” (5:16 | Cathy Simon)

• “You pointed out some very, very tough things to me about the way I was communicating, what I want versus what other people want and how to express that, and ways of talking together.” (7:54 | Cathy Simon)

• “One of the things I do, because I'm a kind of action-oriented person, I like to make suggestions, and I want everything to be better, and I want things to kind of be my way. And Alejandra, you showed me what that means in terms of its impact on other people, and also how to talk about things that are desired in a very different way with the conversation, with setting the table, in a sense, for a better outcome. And you've helped me set the table very, very beautifully.” (8:57 | Cathy Simon)

• “You give people not only a voice, but also a way to use that voice in the most positive, and productive way. And productive, I mean, because it's not just being positive. But it's actually productive of a result.” (13:08 | Cathy Simon)



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