78. Your Inner Voice Knows

“If you want to experience something new or different in your life and relationships in this new year, you need to be willing to do things you have never done,” explains host Alejandra. The first month of the new year is a terrific time to consider developing new habits and connecting to intentions. To celebrate this time of renewal, Alejandra examines helpful ways of exploring your path of transformation. 


 Often when our inner voice gives us messages, such as to stop people-pleasing or treat others more respectfully, we may get overwhelmed and quiet that voice down. Instead, Alejandra encourages us to listen to what this voice tells us and reflect on how we can make changes that lead us to a more harmonious life. By surrounding ourselves with people who also want more fulfilling relationships or by raising our awareness with transformative activities, we can set intentions that get us closer to what we want.


If we listen to our inner voice, we can create or maintain useful habits that enhance our lives. Learn more about honoring your needs, the consequences of ignoring your inner wisdom, and how Alejandra connected to her own path of self-discovery and transformation.



• “Have you ever had the experience of hearing an internal message? Maybe something like you need to stop over-pleasing others? Or do you need to learn to set healthy boundaries? Or do you need to be kinder and more compassionate with yourself and others? Have you ever had that experience? Of course, you have. I know that's a rhetorical question. Because if you're listening to the podcast, I know you have heard this voice, that inner voice that has been trying to get that message through to you. And perhaps it's been trying to communicate with you for a long time. Ears, maybe now, even though this voice has different names, some people call it intuition. Others call it the longings of your deeper heart, your essential voice, your wisdom voice, your soul, your gut, whatever you want to call it; it's important to know that that inner voice is a nonjudgmental and kind voice that uses very direct language to guide you.” (2:24-3:33 | Alejandra)

“• If you've given yourself the time and space to reflect on the messages of your inner voice, you are now aware that these messages relate to the next step in your journey of growth or transformation.” (4:32-4:48 | Alejandra) 

• “When you let your inner wisdom voice quiet down, you forget about its invitation, and your life experience continues to be the same.” (6:42-6:50 | Alejandra)

• “If you want to experience something new or different in your life and relationships in this new year, you need to be willing to do things you have never done.” (9:12-9:21 | Alejandra)

• “Your external day-to-day life or your external influences can be the ones directing your internal experience.” (10:05-10:14 | Alejandra)

• “If you want to set healthy boundaries, stop over pleasing others, or start being more loving with yourself and others, look for groups of people who want the same thing and are taking steps towards what you want.” (14:35-14:50 | Alejandra)



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