40. 3 Myths About Healthy Relationships

“I don't know any truly healthy relationship that has not had its good share of difficulties,” explains host Alejandra. Alejandra realizes that it’s natural for people to seek healthy relationships and debunks the everyday myths that prevent real connection. After all, we may not realize that our communication style prevents us from the relationships we want, something highlighted in Alejandra’s upcoming Choosing True Connection course.


One of the most common myths about healthy relationships is that they are supposed to be easy and fun. However, this is an impossible standard as even the closest confidants can have conflicting worldviews and disagreements. Although relationship difficulties are inevitable, mindful listening and communication skills can help both parties feel safe, strengthening their bond.


Tune into this week’s episode of Language Alchemy Podcast for a demystifying conversation on typical relationship myths. Learn more about “chemistry’s” role in forming a social connection, the consequences of superficial dynamics, and how even the best relationships experience conflict.



• “I don't know any truly healthy relationship that has not had its good share of difficulties, disagreements, and different views. I can tell you that my closest friendships are with people who were able to go through difficulties with me, disagree with me, and have different perspectives.” (00:01 - 00:25)

• “If you want to have healthy relationships in your life, then you must be aware of how you're communicating.” (2:17 - 2:26)

• Good chemistry alone is not the most important foundation for a healthy relationship. And when I talk about relationships, I'm not just talking about romantic relationships. You can think of it as a friendship, you can think about a professional partnership. In fact, I'm sure you've had the experience in your life of meeting someone you didn't have good chemistry with in the beginning, maybe you didn't even like this person. But in time, you learn to be more receptive to that person, so much so that the person you didn't have good chemistry with is now your spouse, your best friend, your greatest ally. So good chemistry is useful. But it is not the foundation of a healthy relationship.” (6:22 - 7:14) 

• “The myth that healthy relationships are always easy, pleasant, and fun is plain and simple a lie. And if you're holding such a story as true, then you need to take an honest look at your relationships and realize that you need to be able to communicate with others.” (9:46 - 10:07)

• “Healthy relationships are relationships in which both parties can go through difficulties, disagreements, and different views and then find a way to achieve greater connection.” (11:25 - 11:41)

• “When both members of the relationship feel safe with one another, then you can have a truly healthy relationship.” (13:12 - 13:23)



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