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Professional Development Training


Wish your diverse and multicultural group could increase understanding and collaboration and decrease conflict?

Want everyone in your group to feel safe giving and receiving feedback?

Would you like to have productive conversations about difficult topics?

Let's talk!
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I've trained thousands of people at conferences, workplace retreats, professional development workshops since 1996


Adults learn best when the material is relevant to them and they feel at ease.

I create a sense of community with participants in every training, which is essential for everybody, myself included, to learn from the wisdom of our shared humanity.

My education and training in adult education, multicultural learning, and transformative leadership allow me to incorporate interactive elements and cater to different learning styles and needs.

Here's a list of professional fields I facilitate workshops for

I've had the privilege to support many professionals in a variety of fields.

  • behavioral health
    • psychologists
    • social workers
    • psychiatrists
    • counselors
    • substance abuse treatment providers
    • residential treatment staff
    • administrators
    • supervisors
    • bilingual staff
  • education
    • university professors
    • K-12 teachers
    • school psychologists
    • administrators
    • pre-school providers
  • legal
    • attorneys
    • judges
    • interpreters
  • medical
    • doctors
    • occupational therapists
    • dentists
    • interpreters
  • healing arts
    • yoga teachers
    • alternative medicine practitioners
  • leadership
    • entrepreneurs
    • diversity and equity departments
    • scientists

Partial list of trainings and workshops

Several workshops and trainings have been approved for continuing education units in a various fields.

How do you work with groups and organizations?

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