146. Supporting Love and Identity in LGBTQ Relationships Through Conscious Communication

“I’m very proud to work with LGBTQ folks and help them find their authentic expression,” says host Alejandra Siroka. In this special episode, Alejandra welcomes returning guests Shannon and Britt, both members of the LGBTQ community, to share their journey of personal growth and evolving communication as a couple.


Shannon and Britt recount their unique love story, highlighting the evolution of their identities and relationship dynamics. Britt, who transitioned from identifying as a lesbian to a trans man, and Shannon, a non-binary, pansexual person, discuss how they navigated these changes, including Britt’s gender transition and Shannon’s recovery from addiction.


Alejandra emphasizes the power of language in affirming identities. Shannon and Britt reflect on the importance of conscious communication in their relationship, addressing challenges such as toxic masculinity and family acceptance. Their story illustrates how intentional communication and mutual support can foster a deeper, more authentic connection.


This episode is a testament to the resilience and adaptability required to maintain a loving relationship amid personal transformation and societal challenges.



  • “I’m really happy to see that as we are constantly evolving as a society and a human family, our language is evolving. Our language is becoming more open, more flexible.” (12:36 | Alejandra Siroka)
  • “Thinking about all the ways in which we use binary gendered language and getting creative is an opportunity to expand our consciousness around our communication.” (27:50 | Shannon Bolt) 
  • “As we evolve, our language needs to evolve. As we expand, our language needs to expand. As we become more conscious, our language needs to follow suit. As we mature, our language needs to mature with us as well.” (28:52 | Alejandra Siroka) 
  • “Toxic masculinity is a thing and toxic masculinity reacts to men and masculine-type people in different ways than it reacts to women and feminine-type people. There is a certain way that particularly men can respond more aggressively. We’ve seen how Brit has had to adjust his responses to that kind of ‘chest puffing up,’ if you will, because men see him as a man and their willingness to escalate into violence is sometimes just simmering beneath the surface.” (30:51 | Shannon Bolt) 



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