145. Benefits of Relational Versus Transactional Communication

Are your interactions building genuine connections or just checking off boxes? In this episode, Alejandra Siroka delves into the difference between transactional and relational communication, questioning the common belief that communication is solely about achieving personal goals. 


Alejandra highlights that transactional communication is often mistaken for clear communication. When we  only focus on the goal of getting what one wants, this leads to transactional exchanges driven by safety and control. She contrasts this type of communication with relational communication, which prioritizes empathy, trust, and collaboration, fostering deeper connections and authentic self-expression. Alejandra shares key insights to help listeners distinguish between these two styles, noting that relational communication delves into intentions and emotions, while transactional communication is goal-oriented and can be superficial.


Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own communication styles and consider embracing relational communication to cultivate more meaningful relationships.



  • “Communication is the foundation for meaningful relationships.” (02:19 | Alejandra Siroka)
  • “The quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships, and the quality of your relationships depend on the quality of your communication. Communication is relational.” (02:25 | Alejandra Siroka) 
  • “If you communicate with others to experience a meaningful relationship, then when you talk to your teenager, you consider your intention rather than your agenda. And so you reflect before you speak. Why does it bother you so much that your teenager is checking their phone the whole time you’re having dinner together? That’s when you realize that what’s bothering you is not the act itself. It’s the fact that you want to feel the connection with this being who’s growing, oh, so fast… The focus here is on the value of connection and the whole communication revolves around the kind of relationship we want.” (09:44 - 11:37 | Alejandra Siroka)



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