143. How Greetings Impact your Personal and Professional Relationships

When you're providing a service, leading a group, or meeting someone in a professional setting, your words, tone of voice, and body language during your initial greeting can establish a foundation for a professional relationship built on confidence, collaboration, and trust. Similarly, the way you greet your loved ones can create positive and memorable experiences, strengthening the bonds with those closest to you. In this episode, Alejandra Siroka explores the importance of greetings and their impact on both personal and professional relationships. 


Alejandra shares the story of her first meeting with her beloved Matthew's family to illustrate how a heartfelt greeting can build lasting relationships. She compares this personal experience with professional settings like healthcare and yoga, where the way people greet each other can influence impressions of competence and openness.


Alejandra provides practical advice on how to consciously choose greetings that cultivate inclusivity and connection. She encourages listeners to reflect on their own greeting habits and consider how small changes in language and demeanor could enhance interactions and relationships.



• “How we greet someone can impact an interaction and even the whole relationship.” (02:31 | Alejandra Siroka) 

• “When you think about it, most relationships start with a greeting. Greetings can set us up for new, wonderful, and fruitful relationships. And of course, greetings can also create the space for hostility, distrust, and unsatisfactory relationships.” (03:05 | Alejandra Siroka)

• “Greetings in professional relationships make a huge impact in terms of building trust, confidence, and collaboration from the start.” (06:43 | Alejandra Siroka)

• “Something to remember: if you are someone who’s providing a service, leading a group, or meeting someone in a work or professional capacity, is that the words, your tone of voice, and body language with which you greet your client, your patient, your student, your class, your new coworker, can set you up for a professional relationship that inspires confidence, collaboration, and trust. Greetings can also set you up for positive and great experiences with the people closest to you, whether they’re your family or the people you live with.” (10:43 | Alejandra Siroka) 

• “Greetings, which can be just a few words, let others know how present you are with them, how you feel about them, and what kind of relationship you have with them.” (11:45 | Alejandra Siroka)



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