106. Conscious Socializing for Extroverts, Introverts and Ambiverts

Do you consider yourself an extrovert, introvert, or an ambivert? No matter which social persona you feel most accurately describes you, engaging in conscious socializing will enable you to show up as your most authentic self. Today, host and transformative communication coach Alejandra explains how the spontaneity that comes with conscious communication allows for more authenticity within social interactions than habitual communication does. 


When you socialize with groups of people, you may be communicating habitually rather than communicating with intentionality. This can lead to you not connecting as well with others, not learning about others, and not behaving in alignment with your authentic self. If you identify as an extrovert, allow social interactions to fill both your energy and connection cups. If you realize you are taking up the most time and space within a conversation, take a break and allow someone else’s voice to be heard. For introverts who may be tempted to cancel plans or leave early from a party, remember that you are a social being who genuinely needs human connection to thrive. Keep an eye on your energy levels throughout the event and take breaks when needed. When you get to the point where breaks are not enough to refuel you, that is your cue to begin consciously saying your goodbyes to the host. If you are an ambivert like Alejandra, plan ahead for how long you can reasonably stay at the event based on your energy levels. When the social engagement starts becoming more draining than energizing, then it is time to leave.


Social events are wonderful opportunities for you to grow your connections with others while letting your authentic self shine. Whether you are a life of the party extrovert, a self-conscious, reserved introvert, or somewhere in between, conscious socializing through authentic communication is key to forming stronger connections. 



• “When you communicate consciously, you're more spontaneous. And when you are more spontaneous, you are authentic.” (12:31 | Alejandra)

• “When you communicate habitually, you're much less likely to communicate with authenticity.” (12:40 | Alejandra) 

• “Social connection is good for your heart, for your head, and for your physical health.” (15:24 | Alejandra)

• “Consider what you had going on the day of the event and the day after the event and have a clear idea about how long you can be there in a way that feels nourishing and meaningful to you.” (17:38 | Alejandra) 

• “While you are at the social event, notice what your energy is like.” (18:18 | Alejandra)



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