100. What is Language Alchemy?

“Language AlchemyTM is a unique transformative communication system, an awareness practice, and a form of evolutionary activism,” explains host and transformative communication coach Alejandra. In today’s 100th episode of the Language Alchemy Podcast, Alejandra shares a deeper look into the practice of Language AlchemyTM and talks about why language is so important to her personally.


Language AlchemyTM requires constant awareness of what is going on internally within your own mind and body. It requires reflecting on the messaging you were taught growing up that likely still informs how you think and relate to others. When you are aware of the reasons behind how you think and communicate the way that you do, you can start to deconstruct any outdated communication patterns and misaligned beliefs. This will give you the opportunity to create new communication patterns that are in alignment with your actual beliefs, goals, and values. 


When you transform your communication patterns using Language AlchemyTM, you gain the ability to communicate from a place of true authenticity. This not only honors yourself, but also honors everyone whom you communicate with. As a form of evolutionary activism, Language AlchemyTM is a pathway to a more equitable, compassionate, and respectful future for all members of our human family. 



• “When you are aware of what's happening internally, that's when you're able to start to communicate with authenticity.” (00:41-00:50 | Alejandra)

• “Language alchemy is a unique transformative communication system, an awareness practice, and a form of evolutionary activism.” (9:59-10:10 | Alejandra) 

• “We explore the messages that you inherited and internalized, and how those messages impact how you communicate and relate today.” (10:47-10:57 | Alejandra)

• “If you're able to see how your life and relationships are the way they are, you are now in a position to learn how they can be different…your communication leads instead to connection, confidence, harmony, or healthy relationships.” (12:05-12:45 | Alejandra) 

• “The language alchemy system helps you ground yourself in the responsibility that you have to respect, honor, and contribute to the well being of all others.” (14:25-14:37 | Alejandra) 

• “Language alchemy is a constant process of awareness, because in my experience, it is when you are aware that you now have the words that are needed in the moment.” (18:29-18:41 | Alejandra) 

• “If we want equality and equity, compassion, dignity, peace, respect for all members of our beautifully diverse human family, then we need to transform our language.” (20:15-20:28 | Alejandra)



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