85. How Do You Talk About Women?

“When we are not aware of our use of language, we end up reinforcing beliefs that are in opposition to our very own values,” shares host Alejandra. The patriarchal paradigm has conditioned women to view one another as competition and to use more negative language than positive language when talking about other women. Today, Alejandra shares her tips for paying more attention to the language you use when speaking about women and how to transform your communication in a way that leaves that patriarchal paradigm in the past where it belongs.


No matter how dedicated you are to your path of transformation, true change will not occur without also transforming the language you use. If you frequently use negative language to talk about other women, take time to check in with yourself and determine why you are using those kinds of words. Instead, make the conscious choice to use language that respects, supports, and celebrates women and their accomplishments. This will ensure that you are always speaking in a way that aligns with your core values.


To transform how you speak to and about women, you first need to be mindful of the language you typically use. The patriarchy has ingrained us with all sorts of negative ideas about women. We speak of their success in ways that are degrading and downplay their efforts, while praising men for similar behaviors. Instead, women need to uplift one another, grant each other compassion, and refrain from using disrespectful language. 



• “When we treat the female members of our human family with respect, mindfulness, and understanding, we all benefit.” (2:21-2:29 | Alejandra)

• “When we are not aware of our use of language, we end up reinforcing beliefs that are in opposition to our very own values.” (11:12-11:22 | Alejandra)

• “When you're talking about women who are successful, refrain from language that devalues them.” (15:05-15:10 | Alejandra)

• “When you are uncomfortable with a woman's success, ask yourself why and have a conversation with a trusted friend about this.” (15:26-15:33 | Alejandra)

• “If you are envious of a woman's qualities, then tell the truth. And the truth is that you are envious.” (15:50-15:57 | Alejandra)

• “When you hear a woman bringing another woman down with her words, interrupt her and ask that woman, what is it that she's experiencing? And redirect the conversation.” (16:15-16:27 | Alejandra)

• “Use language that acknowledges, supports, celebrates and rejoices with each of our sister's successes.” (16:43-16:51 | Alejandra)



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