77. Tools to Transform Your Life and Relationships in the New Year

Let this be the year you learn what you need to learn to have what you want in your relationships,” entreats host Alejandra. The new year is an event full of energy, momentum, celebration, and reflection. To take advantage of this special time, Alejandra encourages us to direct our awareness towards our relationships and reflect on how we would like them to transform in the new year.


Before entering a relationship, whether romantic or platonic, we must reflect on how we would like to be in that dynamic. Although we may understand more about how we would like others to act, we must take accountability for how we contribute to our relationship experience. To continue our ongoing journey with mindful communication, Alejandra suggests creating a list of the communication skills and capacities we would like to work on for the types of relationships we want.


The new year is a wonderful time to set intentions toward your relationships. Learn more about determining how you would like to be in your relationships, Alejandra’s experience with relationship transformation, and her tools for learning, developing, and refining our communication capabilities.



 “Life is a series of cycles and seasons.” (1:44-1:46 | Alejandra)

 “The new year is a cycle that renews for the whole world.” (2:36-2:40 | Alejandra)

 “I started to experience the kinds of relationships that were not just pleasant or nice, but that also were nourishing and fulfilling.” (6:49-6:59 | Alejandra)

 “Each new year gives us the opportunity to learn, to develop, or refine new communication tools, new communication skills and capacities, and new communication intentions.” (10:05-10:18 | Alejandra)

 “Let this be the year you learn what you need to learn to have what you want in your relationships.” (10:05-10:18 | Alejandra)



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