64. 5 Signs It's Time to Shift your Relationship Dynamics

When we are in a relationship, the combination of patterns that each member of their relationship brings forms a dynamic,” explains host Alejandra. When we experience difficulties in our relationships, we may be tempted to end them. Before doing something drastic, Alejandra lays out tangible tactics for improving challenging relationships.


Through various examples of her real-life students, Alejandra breaks down the five signs that your relationship dynamics need to change. It’s common to believe that you give more to a relationship than others or struggle to engage. Instead of blaming the people around you, evaluate how you are showing up in that relationship. In doing so, learning to cultivate the relationships you deserve is possible.


It may not be easy, but sometimes shifting your relationships is necessary. Learn more about detecting unhealthy communication patterns, ways to connect with others, and how to improve your internal dialogue. 



 “When we are in a relationship, the combination of patterns that each member of their relationship brings forms a dynamic.” (3:30-3:30 | Alejandra)

 “You must look into why you avoid engaging with the other person. Most likely, what you will find is that there's something in your relationship dynamic that needs to change.” (6:37-6:51 | Alejandra) 

 “If you notice that you don't know how to connect with others, and therefore you think that you don't know how to belong, that is a sign that you need to shift the kinds of dynamics you have in your relationships.” (8:20-8:35 | Alejandra) 

 “We're talking shifting a relationship dynamic. And to do that, you must clarify how you are showing up in the relationship. Because if you don't know how you are showing up, you will not know how to shift your communication or behavior and have the kind of satisfying relationships you deserve.” (14:05-14:30 | Alejandra)



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