60. Emotional Autonomy and Healthy Relationships. Communicating Feelings Part 6

One of the fundamental Language Alchemy principles is that our words create our worlds,” explains host Alejandra. It’s part six of the “Communicating Feelings” series and the last episode about this topic. For the final lesson, Alejandra details how to have emotional autonomy and healthy relationships. 


In our relationships, we often believe that the other person is causing us to feel a certain way, whether good or bad. This attitude creates an unequal balance and gives our loved ones too much authority over our lives. By owning our emotions and labeling the situation rather than the person, we can create healthier dynamics with the people around us.


Although it may seem complicated, you can choose how to communicate your feelings and have non-toxic relationships. Learn more about what inspired the “Communicating Feelings” series, demonstrating emotional agency and dealing with co-dependent relationships.



 “One of the fundamental Language Alchemy principles is that our words create our worlds.” (4:04-4:11| Alejandra)

 “Our language shapes our experiences, our lives, and our relationships.” (6:37-6:43| Alejandra) 

 “As I shared in previous episodes of the series because we constantly have feelings, we use our language to communicate our feelings. But do we use it in a way that communicates emotional autonomy or emotional agency and therefore creates healthy and mature relationships? In my experience, not yet. The way we usually communicate about feelings in the English language does not really convey emotional autonomy or agency, and therefore, it doesn't create healthy and mature relationships. In fact, we tend to communicate feelings in a way that creates codependent relationships.” (7:09-7:51| Alejandra)

 “You can use your language to communicate your feelings in a way that  that you have emotional autonomy, emotional agency and that your relationship is healthy and mature, no matter what feelings you're experiencing and communicating.” (13:30-13:47| Alejandra)

 “You are the author and agent of your feelings.” (14:01-14:05| Alejandra)

 “As you communicate your feelings, you get to choose how to express them based on the kind of relationships you want to create.”  (15:49-16:02| Alejandra)



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