58. How Are Your Relationships Impacted When You Don’t Communicate Your Feelings? Communicating Feelings Part 4

I find that the people who feel the most disconnected are the people who have the least access to their feelings,” explains host Alejandra. When you don’t communicate your feelings, it can negatively impact your relationships. Alejandra provides valuable tools to promote healthier dynamics in part four of her “Communicating Feelings” series.


When we feel isolated and disconnected from others, it may be challenging to open up about our true feelings. When we cannot share, it becomes difficult for our friends and family to know how to give us what we need. By letting our loved ones hear about our day and listening more when they speak, we can find a much-needed sense of belonging and become closer to the people around us.


Improving your emotional communication skills is possible if you would like to better connect to others. Learn more about the effects of the pandemic, letting loved ones into our inner world, and how to become better listeners. 



 “One of the impacts of not talking about our feelings is that others don't know what's happening with us. And if others don't know what's going on with us, then they don't know if there's anything we need or are likely to make assumptions about how we are and act accordingly.” (5:18-5:37 | Alejandra)

 “So if you are now aware that you're not communicating your feelings to others, especially if these others are the most important people in your life, then you're not letting others know about your needs. And others are likely to make assumptions about you, assumptions about your feelings, assumptions about your needs, assumptions that may be far away from your reality.” (5:39-6:06 | Alejandra) 

 “I find that the people who feel the most disconnected are the people who have the least access to their feelings.” (6:41-6:49 | Alejandra)

 “If you want to have intimacy, if you want a meaningful sense of connection with another human being, then you need to be able to invite the other person into your inner experience.” (8:11-8:22 | Alejandra) 

 “Sharing about your inner life, communicating your feelings, this is what contributes to meaningful relationships.” (9:44-9:51 | Alejandra) 

 “What we do when we don't communicate our feelings is that we don't know how to listen to others when they tell us about their feelings.” (10:21-10:30 | Alejandra) 



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