57. 4 Common Reactions to Uncomfortable Feelings. Communicating Feelings Part 3

“From the Language Alchemy perspective, all feelings have their usefulness,” explains host Alejandra. Alejandra understands why we have specific reactions to uncomfortable feelings. In part three of her “Communicating Feelings” series, Alejandra teaches how to deal with these reactions and communicate effectively.


Everyone has certain feelings they are more comfortable expressing than others. Some have no difficulty communicating sadness but may struggle to share joy and vice versa. Often, we can feel triggered by others who experience the feeling we push down and intolerant with those around us who express that emotion. With Alejandra’s tools and tips, we can learn that all feelings are valid and become empathetic to ourselves and others.


Although challenging, we can learn to react healthily to our complex emotions. Learn more about why emotions shouldn’t be negative or positive, how we suppress uneasy feelings, and the transformative power of labeling your experience.



 “From the Language Alchemy perspective, all feelings have their usefulness. They all carry messages about our internal experience.” (2:58-3:06 | Alejandra)

 “Every time you take action to know yourself at a deeper level, you have the opportunity to be more authentic, not only with yourself but also with others, especially when you communicate with them.” (5:37-5:50 | Alejandra)

 “When our reaction is to fight with our uncomfortable feelings, and we see that others have that feeling we don't like, then we tell the others not to have that feeling. And sometimes we shame them.” (11:35-11:50 | Alejandra)

 “The language you use to label your experience has transformative power.”  (13:19-13:25 | Alejandra)

 “If you say, “I don't know how to feel this feeling, I don't know how to communicate this feeling, and I would like to learn,” then you'll start aligning your experience with the desire to feel that feeling. The more you align yourself with this desire, the less uncomfortable this feeling will become. And in time, you will learn how to communicate it skillfully.”  (13:58-14:25 | Alejandra)


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