56. Why Is It Hard to Communicate Feelings? Communicating Feelings Part 2

It's easy to communicate what we have learned to communicate,” explains host Alejandra. Alejandra has seen how difficult it is to communicate feelings throughout her career as a transformative communication teacher and coach. In part two of her “Communicating Feelings” series, Alejandra provides helpful tools that positively allow self-expression.


Our teachers and parents were our primary communication influences when we were children. And we often learned evaluative communication skills but not much about communicating our emotional state. Ultimately, whatever we were taught when we were kids shapes our adult lives, but with practice, we can connect to our internal experience


Tune into this week’s episode of Language Alchemy Podcast for an empathetic conversation on the challenges of expressing feelings. Learn more about why it’s easier to communicate what you think versus how you feel, how culture influences communication, and actions you can take to connect to this area of your life. 



 “It's easy to communicate when we have learned to communicate. It's easy to communicate when we’ve had a lot of practice communicating.” (2:27-2:35 | Alejandra) 

 “One of the reasons why it's so difficult to communicate feelings is because you were not taught how to.” (6:26-6:32 | Alejandra)

 “If you don't know how to connect with the emotional aspect of yourself, please understand that this is normal. You are perfectly normal because you communicate what you learned to communicate.” (9:36-9:51 | Alejandra)

 “Depending on what feelings were accepted in your culture and layers of culture, you may have more ease communicating some feelings, but not others.” (12:18-12:26 | Alejandra)

 “I had to learn to communicate my feelings too. So I know that if I could do it, you can too.” (16:15-16:22 | Alejandra)



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