55. Your Internal Communication System. Communicating Feelings Part 1

If you find it hard to talk about your feelings and communicate, you're not alone,” says host Alejandra. As a transformative communication teacher and coach, Alejandra knows that discussing your feelings is challenging. In part one of her internal communication series, Alejandra provides helpful tips for effectively sharing with others.


Through tangible examples and inquiry exercises, Alejandra defines what feelings genuinely are and how we experience them in our bodies. By connecting to our internal communication system, we can understand what we’re really experiencing to prevent miscommunication. Ultimately, we must listen to the messages our feelings tell us to understand better how we are and how to move forward.


Tune into this week’s episode of the Language Alchemy podcast for a thoughtful conversation on communicating your feelings. Learn more about what feelings are, the layers of our experience, and how to listen to your internal communication system.



• “If you find it hard to talk about your feelings and communicate, you're not alone.” (1:17-1:24 | Alejandra) 

• “Feelings are messengers that communicate to us something important about our experience.” (6:42-6:49 | Alejandra

• “Feelings are a fundamental aspect of our internal communication system. And when we don't pay attention to them, we're having an internal miscommunication.” (6:59-7:11 |  Alejandra)

• “When you are aware of what your feelings are communicating to you, you can discover your unconscious biases and beliefs. You can uncover your precious needs. You can contact your core values, deep longings, qualities, and capacities, and you can turn them into skillful actions.” (8:37-8:58 | Alejandra)

• “If you are the kind of person who's trying to optimize or upgrade your operating system without understanding your feelings, each upgrade will present more bugs and glitches.” (9:10-9:22 | Alejandra)




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