54. Building Your Communication Toolbox in 7 Steps

“You don’t have to be a therapist, a coach, or a leader, you can just be a caring human,” Alejandra says of anyone using the many tools in her communication toolbox. True, a few of the seven listeners featured, who recently called in to comment on the way they approach Alejandra’s content and how it’s helped them, are actual therapists. Ellen, Alejandra’s “mother-in-love,” remarks upon the divine timing of Alejandra’s chosen topics, and she used many of the tools in a recent session with her own client. Shannon acts as a conduit for Alejandra’s message, turning others on to the podcast. Rebecca demonstrates the importance of recognizing your communication needs and choosing among the resources accordingly, while Karen gains insight into different communication methods just from reading the titles of the podcasts. 


Alejandra follows up each example with a takeaway and a summary of what we can learn from each listener’s approach to the podcast, and how the tools presented in each podcast can be optimally incorporated into our own lives. 


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• “To connect to your needs, you can ask yourself, ‘What’s happening in my life and relationships right now, and how can I enhance, heal, and support my life and relationships?” (3:37-3:49 | Alejandra)

• “Alejandra, I just really want to thank you so much for this work that you’re doing. It’s incredibly important to reach as many people as you are to raise the consciousness of how we communicate with each other.” (4:19-4:36 | Karen)

• “The fact that your episodes are shorter and more accessible really makes that barrier to people getting into what you have to share a lot easier.” (9:48-10:00 | Shannon)

• “Another way you can use this podcast to build your transformative communication toolbox is by subscribing to it every week, listening to it every week, so every week you’re picking up tools and letting these tools integrate with you so much so that when the moment comes you can mix and match them and support others in their communication.” (8:02-8:24 | Alejandra) 

• “When we transform the way we communicate, we transform our lives and relationships.” (11:39-11:45 | Alejandra)



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