53. What You Need to Pay Attention to if You Want to Have Meaningful Celebrations

“Language sets you up for something meaningful,” explains host Alejandra. As many of you know, the Language Alchemy Podcast recently celebrated its first anniversary with a virtual party. Reflecting on the success of this fantastic milestone, Alejandra shares the three components of throwing a thoughtful and joyful event.


As a transformative communication teacher and coach, Alejandra understands how language sets the tone for meaningful celebrations. By demonstrating how grateful you are for the people who show up for you, you can create a connection with your community and curate a positive experience for your guests. Whether you want your celebration to be tender, deep, or simply fun, how you interact with others is key.


Tune into this week’s episode of The Language Alchemy Podcast for a helpful conversation on throwing meaningful celebrations. Learn more about the podcast’s live anniversary party, how language influences positive interactions and ways to express gratitude for the people around you.



• “Language sets you up for something meaningful.” (5:36-5:40| Alejandra)

• “If you want the celebration to be deep, you must be willing to be the first one to be deep. If you want the celebration to be tender, you need to be willing to be tender.” (6:02-6:13| Alejandra)

• “A celebration is an expression of acknowledgment. It is an expression of gratitude.” (11:41-11:47| Alejandra)

• “In this episode, I share with you three important elements to have in a celebration if you would like that celebration to be meaningful. These elements are number one, preparing your guests for a meaningful celebration with the language you use in the invitation. Number two, reflect on the meaningful characteristics you'd like the celebration to have and be willing to embody those characteristics through the way you communicate. And number three, expressing gratitude using a specific language.” (16:10-16:44| Alejandra)

• “Next time you want to have a meaningful celebration, now you know how to use language alchemy to transform what could be an ordinary event into a meaningful one.” (16:46-16:58| Alejandra)



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