52. Building a More Caring Work Experience - Part 2

“In this country, because English is my first language, that could be seen as a privilege,” explains Nancy Kahn, Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Mediator, and host Alejandra’s first Communication Teacher. In today’s episode of The Language Alchemy Podcast, Nancy Kahn returns to discuss how to build a more caring work experience. Through Nancy's insights, the listeners gain valuable tools to disrupt harmful power dynamics.


Nancy understands that attending to our most marginalized groups helps us all. If we treat others who are different then us with dignity and respect, we will inevitably ensure respect for all, including ourselves. By creating space for others in and out of the workplace, we can improve our communication with one another and build a kinder, more equitable world.


Tune into this week’s episode of the Language Alchemy Podcast for an insightful conversation on creating inclusive work environments. Learn more about the role of power dynamics, the definition of an ally, and how to attend to harm and develop trust. 


• “In this country, because English is my first language, that could be seen as a privilege because somebody isn't going to question or put down how I'm speaking English when that happens to people in this country who don't speak English as their first language.” (3:00-3:21 | Nancy)

• “An ally is somebody who may have the privilege and positional power, often people who might identify as white, or cisgender, or in any way that you may experience privilege in society.” (5:15-5:30 | Nancy)

• “When harm happens, it doesn't mean that wrongdoing has happened. But it is important to be able to attend to the harm to restore trust.” (9:34-9:42)

• “We need to develop the ability to self-reflect and to defend ourselves so that we don't arm up and shield ourselves and get reactive.” (11:59-12:12 | Nancy)

• “We can learn from each other and create a culture where it's okay.” 17:10-17:16 | Nancy)




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