48. How Dads Can Communicate with Emotional Awareness an Interview with Brian Wood

“Emotions, tantrums, or even lashing out at parents are okay and shouldn't be curtailed,” explains guest Brian Wood. Alejandra describes her friend Brian’s communication style with his son as empathically mindful. Today, Brian and Alejandra discuss how other fathers can engage with increased emotional awareness right in time for Father’s Day.


Brian acknowledges that his father came from a generation that had difficulty expressing themselves, especially to their children. When he became a father, Brian and his wife worked to get tools and resources to ensure this dynamic wouldn’t repeat itself. By looking at his son’s non-verbal cues, Brian tailors his responses to be helpful to the development of his son.


Tune into this week’s episode of The Language Alchemy Podcast for a supportive conversation on improving fathers’ communication. Learn more about Brian’s relationship with his Dad, how parenting doesn’t need to involve rewards or punishments, and why your kids need to feel loved no matter what they do.



• “When building the communication of a relationship, it's important to look at non-verbal flags.” (14:19 - 14:26 | Brian)

• “Emotions, tantrums, or even lashing out at parents are okay and shouldn't be curtailed. Everyone should be kept safe, but the child must undergo that process.” (14:44 - 14:58 | Brian)

• "And then we'll sit with him and be with him and try to be there to connect with him. And when I see him pushing away because of what I said, like, you know, how does this feel to you? Or I'm like, “I'm getting a little too in there emotionally, then that's my cue to be like, maybe I'm just sitting with him, and maybe, I put my hand on his back as he's bearing his face in his pillow." (15:10 - 15:32 | Brian) 

• “What's nurturing is creating the connection between us wherever I can find some common ground for him.” (17:47 - 18:04 | Brian)

• "I believe that kids need permission to be messy, loud, and annoying, and to know they are still loved.” (32:43 - 32:59 | Brian)



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