43. Intentional Language in Meaningful Music: An Interview with Gary Lapow

“I wanted to be part of that stream of music that could change people’s minds and hearts,” explains Gary Lapow, the composer for the Language Alchemy Podcast music. Gary writes music to reflect different times in his life with a desire to provide hope. Today, host Alejandra and Gary discuss the power of music and how it can be a communication tool to make the world a more inclusive place.


Gary has had a fascinating musical journey centered around social justice and bringing people’s stories to light. He has used music to spread positivity and love, from touring with the Freedom Singers to leading kids through inclusive songs. Ultimately, Gary believes that music is more significant than himself and an effective way to bring people together and voice what it means to be human.


Tune into this week’s episode of the Language Alchemy Podcast for an inspirational conversation on making meaningful music. Learn more about Gary’s experience with the civil rights movement, his introduction to the folk genre, and how he only wants to make music that spreads peace.



• “At different times in my life, whatever I'm going through, that's what my music is about.” (3:38 - 3:43)

• “There was a dedication to making the world better, at least what little bit we can do as artists, making a momentary situation where audiences felt united. And that's been something that I've done for decades.” (5:31 - 5:53)

• “I wanted to be part of that stream of music that could change people’s minds and hearts.” (10:40 - 10:48)

• “I felt so thankful that I was able to give a voice to what people were thinking and feeling. But we took that responsibility very seriously.” (12:26 - 12:35)

• “What does it mean to be a decent person? Just positive messages, how can I send positive messages and everybody's having so much fun, the audience does not realize they're being preached that because they're not really being preached at, they are having a good time. And they're saying these words, and these words are all affirmations, of decency, how to be a decent person.” (15:40 - 16:05) 

• “The only songs I really want to share with people are songs about love and peacefulness.” (19:28 - 19:38)


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