42. Your Communication Gift on Mother's Day

“When you redirect your reactivity, you choose to communicate in a peaceful way,” explains host Alejandra. With Mother’s Day on the horizon, Alejandra understands that communicating with your mother can be challenging. Today, Alejandra breaks down helpful language tools that you can use with your mother to ensure reconciliation and peace on this day.


The best gift you can give your mother on Mother’s day is the gift of peace. Although it can be easy to give into past wounds or react to specific triggers, you can take a step towards connection and make a more positive choice. By reminding yourself of your intention before communicating, the relationship can lead towards healing, and your mother will have what she wants most of all: to feel the connection with your child.


Tune into this week’s episode of Language Alchemy Podcast for a loving conversation on communicating with your mother. Learn more about the origins of Mother’s Day, how to redirect your reactivity, and ways to remind your mother that you care.



• “When you redirect your reactivity, you choose to communicate in a peaceful way.” (8:20 - 8:26)

• “Think about your mother and do something that reminds you of your intention before you call her or talk to her. Don't do it in a rush. Give yourself and your mother some time.” (9:10 - 9:23)

• “You are giving your mother a beautiful gift. Stick to it. If she goes into the past, just take a breath and let it slide.” (11:23 - 11:33)

• “Whatever your children do on Mother's Day, whatever gift they give you, whatever message they communicate to you on a card, the phone, or video call, make the intention to receive what they're offering you as a gift from the heart. (13:15 - 13:41)

• “Whatever you do on Mother's Day, whether you're giving a gift to your mother or you are receiving a gift from someone, may your communication be in alignment with what you'd like to honor.” (14:25 - 14:40)




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