71. 3 Easy Steps to Express Gratitude and Mean It

“While gratitude is a beautiful feeling, it can be a challenge when it comes to communicating it,” explains host Alejandra. With Thanksgiving coming up, gratitude will be emphasized across the United States. Understanding that this feeling can be hard to express, Alejandra provides easy steps for communicating appreciation for your everyday life.


Often we use basic phrases to express gratitude, such as, “I’m grateful for all you do.” Although this is kind, its vagueness demonstrates our difficulty in saying how we really feel. We may find that communicating gratitude feels silly or that we struggle with vulnerability, but if we become more specific with why we’re grateful, we can foster true connection.


With Alejandra’s three easy steps, you can express to your loved ones how much they mean to you. Learn more about communicating love, why gratitude isn’t cheesy, and how to use the language of the heart. 



 “While gratitude is a beautiful feeling, it can be a challenge when it comes to communicating.” (1:51-1:57 | Alejandra)

 “If you find it hard to express gratitude, it would be useful to explore the underlying beliefs you may have about gratitude. And also, check if these beliefs are yours or if they're inherited.” (5:21-5:37 | Alejandra)

 “If you're finding it hard to experience or express gratitude, do some honest internal inquiry.” (9:02-9:10 | Alejandra)

 “The language of the heart is simple. Yet, it's more meaningful and specific. And the language of the heart leads us to an experience of true connection.” (12:32-12:44 | Alejandra)

 “Gratitude comes from the heart, and it’s a feeling connected to the feeling of love.” (17:14-17:21 | Alejandra)


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