41. We're All Going Through Stress

From the pandemic to world war, human beings deal with a good amount of stress. As a result, we behave in damaging ways, such as acting defensive to those around us. Today, host Alejandra breaks down the different reactions to stress and how we can communicate more mindfully in our daily lives.


Due to the pandemic, our human family is more disconnected than ever. Since we are social creatures, this has caused an abundance of stress that has negatively affected our communication with one another. However, Alejandra explains that if we acknowledge our anxiety and become connected to our true feelings, we will be able to increase our capacity for ourselves and others. After all, genuine human connection will ultimately relieve us from the damaging experience of stress.


Tune into this week’s episode of Language Alchemy Podcast for a sensitive conversation on reacting to stress. Learn more about the signs of reactivity, the social consequences caused by the pandemic, and how becoming self-connected leads to more positive behavior.


• “We're having a serious problem as a human family, especially in highly industrialized countries. And that problem is that we are reacting to stress in ways that are extremely harmful.” (1:04 - 1:18)

• “Whenever we're fighting, we are reacting.” (3:43 - 3:45)

• “Reaction is when you repeat your communication and behavior in response to an experience.” (5:43 - 5:52) 

• “The more self-connected you are, the less likely you are to behave in self destructive ways.” (10:34 - 10:41)

• “By connecting with yourself, you connect to your capacity. And by connecting to your capacity, you connect to your ability to take care of yourself, which then offers you the true possibility of relieving yourself from the experience of stress.” (11:51 - 12:14)



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