36. Want to Give Peace a Chance? Resist Your Reactivity

With the war in Ukraine still raging on, everyone in our human family feels troubled and tense. As a result, overall communication is suffering amongst loved ones and communities. Today, host Alejandra gives tips on becoming less reactive to have more productive and peaceful communication.


Whether you react with anger or shut down in difficult conversations, giving into reactivity can harm your relationships. In a heated discussion, we may assume that the person is trying to hurt us or has bad intentions. Instead of reacting in a manner that can damage a relationship, Alejandra encourages her listeners to take a step back and question the validity of these negative feelings. After all, when we learn to resist our reactivity, we can experience a true connection with others.


Tune into this week’s episode of the Language Alchemy Podcast for an empathetic conversation on peaceful resistance in communication. Learn more about how we all are intrinsically connected, why evading conversations is just as damaging as being combative, and the three ways you can check in with yourself before verbally reacting.



• “When we are conscious of our human connection and realize that some of us in our human family suffer, we are all affected by that pain. What you do and how you do it impacts other members of our human family.” (3:19 - 3:40)

• “​​Combative energy occurs when we react. The kind of peaceful resistance that I'm suggesting is to help you resist your reactivity so that you can understand the psycholinguistic impact of indulging in your reactivity, and you choose something else.” (4:25 - 4:44)

• “If you want to go into peaceful resistance, and contribute to much-needed peace in this world, then you need to learn to resist reactivity.” (11:27 -11:37) 

• “Find out how much your reactivity costs you. Be willing to understand the pain your reactivity generates for you and the other person. Then you can ask yourself if this price is worth paying.” (13:13 - 13:28)

• “When you learn to resist your reactivity, you experience meaningful relationships with others. You get to experience true connection.” (15:00 - 15:10)



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