73. Coming Out: A Journey of Bravery and Skillful Preparation

“Until you do something, sometimes you just don't know what the result will be,” explains guest Britt Bierly, Alejandra’s dear communication student, and coaching client. Coming out requires bravery and skillful preparation, no matter the circumstances. Today, Britt and Alejandra discuss the coming out communication process and growing our confidence authentically. 


When Britt came out to his parents as a trans man, he allowed them space to react, work through their feelings, and make a positive change. Now able to be himself with his family and at work, Britt can confidently exist in the world and be the leader he is meant to be. By genuinely listening to others and having conversations, Britt can connect to the people around him and make a positive difference in the workplace.


Coming out is an act of courage that requires sensitivity and space. Learn more about Britt’s coming out journey, providing room for reactions, and having the confidence to be yourself.



 “I needed to come out as a trans man to my family. I have an awesome relationship with my partner, and they've been really supportive. And I knew that I needed to extend that out to other people. Just having that sense that you're not in complete alignment, you're living one way well in one space and another outside of that. And I just wanted to have a better relationship with my parents because, you know, hiding  doesn't work in the long run. So I was working with you to kind of come out in part because everything in my life has always been kind of connected.” (3:32-4:11 | Britt

 “Until you do something, sometimes you just don't know what the result will be.” (5:42-5:47 | Britt)

 “The ability to look at situations and know what I see and pull it apart as opposed to not having any idea what's going on is a big change. It helps in conversations or stressful situations. It makes a big difference if you can look at it differently and review it.” (13:00-13:22 | Britt)

 “On good days, I can verbally empathize and not just sound like I'm a robot repeating backward.” (14:10-14:17 | Britt)

 “If you're ever questioning yourself about something, just do it. Question after the fact and see how it turns out. It's probably the bigger payoff to stop with the questions and do what you need to do.” (16:54-17:04 | Britt



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