72. The Golden Rule

Engage in the Golden Rule by giving others the grace you want to receive,” urges host Alejandra. With the holidays almost here, Alejandra understands that we will see loved ones, which may lead to contentious communication. To ensure kinder interactions, Alejandra explores the golden rule and treating others with the empathy we all deserve.


It is much easier to give ourselves grace than it is for other people. We know when we have good intentions, but when it comes to our friends and family, we often assume the worst. As a result, Alejandra shares how to look within ourselves to combat our biases and learn to give people the benefit of the doubt. After all, we’re all human, and applying nuance can help us communicate more effectively and with more understanding.


The Golden Rule is simple: treat others how you want to be treated. Learn more about the universal desire for grace, the bias-blind spot, and how we all need understanding.



 “We don't consider the Golden Rule. We think of ourselves as complex, nuanced, multi-dimensional beings, who almost always have good intentions, and should be given grace.” (9:13-9:27 | Alejandra)

 “We have a bias-blind spot towards others. We see others as simple, one-dimensional, clearly ill-intentioned and definitely deserving of being labeled, criticized, punished and blamed.” (9:35-9:56 | Alejandra)

 “We think of ourselves as objective and reasonable. And we think of others as biased and unreasonable. And we use this bias to judge others more negatively than we judge ourselves. And the thing is that we do this without even knowing that we have this bias. That's why Emily Pronin calls it the bias blind spot. So we want to be given grace. And we want others to give us grace easily. But when it comes to us, giving grace to others, well, we find it much harder.” (10:10-10:50 | Alejandra)

 “I encourage you to consider the Golden Rule and the bias-blind spot.” (17:07-17:12 | Alejandra)

 “Remind yourself that you are human, and then show up with the other person with a heart full of grace, because after all, they are as complex, nuanced, and most likely as well-intentioned as you are.” (17:34-17:50 | Alejandra

 “Engage in the Golden Rule by giving others the grace you want to receive.” (18:39-18:45 | Alejandra)



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