65. 4 Indicators You Have a True Sense of Connection in Your Relationships

When there's a true sense of connection in your relationships, you can offer feedback with transparency,” explains host Alejandra. Over the past few weeks, Alejandra has discussed building healthy relationship dynamics and given tools on how to do so. Today, she gives pointers for you to detect if your relationships have a genuine connection through her background as a transformative communication coach.


Through real-life examples, Alejandra demonstrates what to look for when determining if you have authentic connections with others. A relationship requires trust that you can share your feelings and thoughts without fear of an adverse reaction. Everyone needs to feel like they can be themselves, and recognizing the importance of open communication is vital to a connected relationship. Ultimately, you should feel warmth around the other person, even if an inevitable conflict arises.


Through four simple indicators, you can sense if you have a true connection in your relationships. Learn more about the importance of emotional safety, respecting other people’s communication styles, and how all connected relationships allow for transparency. 


 “In my years helping people with our communication, I've seen again and again that to have a true sense of connection in your relationships, you need to have four main indicators. Number one, there needs to be a sense of emotional safety. That is to say that you and the other person feel completely free to share with one another what you think, how you feel, and what you value. And you feel free because both of you know that you're not going to be judged by the other and that you're both going to listen to each other.” (2:17-2:56 | Alejandra) 

 “There are different ways of being, and all ways of being are an expression of being human.” (5:41-5:58 | Alejandra)

 “When you have a true sense of connection, not only do you feel more connected to yourself or the other person, but also to what you are doing together.” (7:18-7:28 | Alejandra) 

 “When there's a true sense of connection in your relationships, you can offer feedback with transparency. And you can also receive feedback with openness from the other person.” (10:17-10:30 | Alejandra)

 “When you have a true sense of connection, you are willing, you are open to listening to their feedback, you can reflect on what you hear, and then you can let the other person know what you concluded from your reflection.” (10:31-10:48 | Alejandra)



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