1. Welcome to the Language Alchemy Podcast

Alejandra Siroka wants you to experience the transformative power of language in your life. Tracing her fascination with language through her life since she was a little girl, She's seen the harming as well as the healing power of words. She's studied several languages, became a translator, interpreter, and language teacher. But, it was her marriage, a relationship she wanted to have for life, that acted as a catalyst for her quest to transform her language. Integrating tools from both ancient wisdom traditions and social and neurosciences, Alejandra developed the Language Alchemy process.  Listen as Alejandra shares true stories of people just like you, who by transforming their communication, transformed their lives. You’ll understand why she's so excited to share this process with you. It's a process that brings awareness and connection as a result of communicating with clarity, confidence, and compassion.


Takeaways from this episode:

It is possible for you to transform your life and relationships when you transform your language

  • In fact, when you transform your language and communication, it’s not just your own life that is transformed. You also become a model for the rest of our human family. 
  • There is a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering on this planet and your capacity as a mature adult who can foster more connection is so needed right now.

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