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 In this 60-minute Free Interactive Workshop

You Will Learn

  • 3 common communication mistakes that keep relationships unhealthy, superficial, and short-lived. 

  • how to cultivate the essential communication skill to create and maintain meaningful, deep, and long-lasting relationships with the people in your life.

  • A visualization to help you commit to have healthy relationships with the people in your life.  


+ You'll be able to ask Alejandra questions

+ You'll get a handout to follow along

+ You'll hear about Choosing True Connection, the upcoming 6-week online course

This Free Online Workshop is a Must If: 

  • You don't feel satisfied with your most significant relationships

  • You've gotten feedback that it's hard to talk to you about topics that matter

  • You’d love to go through your days having the experience of well-being that comes when you have healthy and satisfying relationships

Are you tired of feeling lonely, awkward, or dissatisfied with your relationships?

It’s good that you recognize you’d like to have more meaningful and satisfying relationships. noticing the impact of not having true connection in your life!

And you know? You have a super powerful tool available to you 24/7 that can bring forth true connection, meaningful relationships, and sustainable well-being. 

It’s your language!

Come to this free online workshop and I'll show you how to communicate skillfully to develop healthy and conscious relationships at home and work!

Jenny M.

I’ve learned how to transform the way I interact with others, connect with myself, and handle difficult conversations with grace. Alejandra’s gentle and strong method of deep listening and guidance is effective and magical.

Scott B.

Alejandra helped me to shift some very deep and unconscious patterns of communication and this has benefited my capacity to communicate personally and professionally.


I know what it's like. I’ve been there...

A couple of decades ago, I was losing friends left and right because I didn’t know how to communicate skillfully, especially when I felt triggered by something they did or said.

Then, I met my husband Matthew in 2004, and I made it my mission to learn to keep our relationship meaningful and thriving. This meant I needed to communicate in a way that nurtured true connection.

In my teaching and coaching practice, I see how starved we are for connection. I also see how powerful it is when my clients learn to foster true connection through skillful communication.

Let me teach you how to use your language skillfully to have the kind of healthy relationships and authentic connection you are capable of having.

This interactive workshop is free. You can learn a lot in just 60 minutes! Don’t wait!