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Wisdom Rising 5-Day Retreat

Awakening the Empowered Feminine in Her Diverse Forms

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Wisdom Rising: Awakening the Empowered Feminine in Her Diverse Forms 

5-Day Retreat with

Karla Jackson-Brewer

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Alejandra Siroka

Dorje Lopön Chandra Easton

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Ranjini George

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May 3 – 8, 2019

Tara Mandala Retreat Center

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

You have engaged in mindfulness practices and enjoyed a deep level of self-connection, yet you find it challenging to apply your inner experiences on the cushion into the current daily expressions of divisiveness, bigotry, and violence in our world. 

You may feel emotions ranging from anger and frustration to powerlessness and despair. How can your practice have an impact on social change? 

There is an inner knowing that tells you are needed at this time in history. It is true—you are needed in your divine feminine form as an agent of compassion, power, and clarity. 

You are needed as an awake being, who can integrate your spiritual practices into the important conversations and actions we need to have around issues of race, privilege, and oppression.

Through guided meditations, dharma talks, conscious communication inquiry, yoga, dance, and generative writing, you will awaken the enlightened and empowered feminine within you.


Come to this women’s retreat to

  • Embody the wisdom of the Mandala of the Five Wisdom Dakinis, a practice developed by Lama Tsultrim Allione. This is a core practice in the Wisdom Rising movement that Lama Tsultrim founded.

  • Find your authentic voice and expression to raise awareness and mindfulness to engage in healing conversations about shared power and acceptance.

  • Compassionately uncover and share your own experience of confronting authority, race, privilege, and oppression.

  • Transform obstacles to this process of empowerment and healing through Feeding Your Demons®.

  • Know yourself through the powerful practice of journaling and generative writing.

  • Unlock your creativity and learn ways of telling your authentic story.  

  • Develop strategies and an action plan to take this work into your life and the world. 

Together, we can walk the world embodying our feminine power and stand up for equality, compassion, and understanding.

The Tibetan practice of Chöd will be offered as a healing ceremony. Listening to Chöd provides an opportunity for healing on a deep level. Those who know the Namkhai Norbu Chöd, please bring your practice materials. 

Please bring comfortable clothes for movement practices and meditation.

This retreat is open to all who identify as women.


The retreat will be at the beautiful Tara Mandala Retreat Center


Founded by Lama Tsultrim Allione, Tara Mandala is 700-acre retreat center in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, home to the deepest mineral hot springs in the world.

Wisdom Rising. TaraMandala.jpg

Tara Mandala is dedicated to fostering a welcoming atmosphere for all people to explore the teachings of the Buddha, and are committed to cultivating a community that values diversity.

You’ll be surrounded by hills, wild flowers and birds, be nourished with delightful vegetarian meals and have a retreat at the exquisite temple with 21 life-size golden Taras.

For lodging, choose from guest rooms with stunning views of the San Juan mountains, to sharing a community yurt or camping.  The setting is designed to connect you to your peaceful inner environment. 

This will be a unique opportunity to apply spiritual principles in your daily life, while creating the connections you seek.


I hope to see you there!


A Word from Previous Participants

 "Wisdom Rising retreat was a powerful invitation to the spontaneous expression as a way to understand myself and see my blind spots.  I loved the Dakini practice. All teachers brought unique and complementary insights.   It was such a joy to have each teacher individually as well as collectively. It was a beautifully integrated, fresh and spontaneous retreat. I really enjoyed having a retreat specified as female-identified.” Robin 

“I’m very happy and excited about Tara Mandala’s decision to focus on issues of social justice, especially as related to gender and race. This is very important work. I loved all the teachers. They were amazing and accessible. I really appreciated that most teachers were teachers of color.” Tracesea

“I got connected to my feeling of strength coming from my feminine power.” Andrea 

“It was a spectacular retreat. I had a new realization on how to approach a specific word-related challenge.” Anji

“I found the retreat valuable, especially the Dakini practice as well as writing and examining racism. This retreat has given me tools to work with in understanding some challenges in my life.” Martha