Language Alchemy

Speak Your Truth Online Practice Group

September 6 - November 1 

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Speak Your Truth Online Practice Group

Speak Authentically in All Your Relationships

September 6 - November 1

8 Fridays 

You have experienced the benefits of Language Alchemy’s workshops and Speak Your Truth retreats.  Yet, you encounter situations in your life in which you are unsure how to apply what you’ve learned and express yourself authentically, compassionately and powerfully.

You wish you could practice and polish your communication skills, have a place to practice, ask questions and connect to others who, like you, understand the importance of being true to their essence in all their relationships.

Many of you have asked me for an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned and role-play, discuss, and debrief our real-life interactions. 

We gather online for 6 weeks. You come to this group from wherever you are in the world using a device that has an internet connection (computer, tablet, phone). I will be on my computer in my office.  

We connect for an hour and a half each week and practice how to speak our truth in our particular interactions and relationships.

We start with self-connection and work on situations that arise from the participants of the group. You will have the opportunity to practice in break-out groups each week. 

I keep the groups small, no more than 8 participants, to ensure a powerful and intimate interactive experience for all. 


THIS PRACTICE GROUP IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO have attended Language Alchemy workshops, Speak Your Truth retreat or worked with me one-on-one and:

  • want to integrate what you learned in your daily interactions 

  • gain a deeper understanding of how to communicate authentically in all your relationships

  • ask questions about your specific situations and interactions

  • refine what you’ve learned

  • explore other authentic communication tools in context

  • belong to a group of like-hearted authenticity seekers

  • develop more satisfying human connections

* If you attended other compatible workshops or classes and would like to explore the possibility of joining the group, contact me. We’ll set a phone chat to see if the group would be a fit for you. 



    • 6 weeks of interactive practice

    • Answers to your questions

    • Role-plays with Alejandra and group members

    • A sound-recording of each week for you to download and review later

    • Communication practices customized to your specific real-life interactions

    • The opportunity to share what’s real for you and be heard with empathy and compassion 



September 6- November 1

8 Fridays

(Skips October 4)

9:00 AM-10:30 AM Pacific

10:00 AM – 11:30 PM Central

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM Eastern


Week #1 Friday September 6, 2019

Week #2 Friday September 13, 2019

Week #3 Friday September 20, 2019

Week #4 Friday September 27, 2019

Week #5 Friday October 11, 2019

Week #6 Friday October 18, 2019

Week #7 Friday October 25, 2019

Week #8 Friday November 1, 2019


We connect via Zoom, a video platform that allows us to hear and see each other live and break into smaller groups.  You will be given a link to enter the practice group once you register.



All rates are in USD.

Payment plan available on request. Contact me.



What do I need to connect via Zoom?

You need a device that can connect to the internet and that has a microphone, speaker and camera. You can use your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

How do I prepare for each week?

Email Alejandra by Monday if you have communication questions or an interaction you’d like to practice.

Check you have the Zoom link a few minutes before the start time. (You will receive an email with the link every week).

Make sure you are in a quiet stationary place with enough light.

Enter the group a couple of minutes before the start time.

Have a nice cup of tea or water with you.

Have a pen and journal or notebook ready.

Tell those around you to leave you interruption free until the end of our time together.

How much time do I need to devote each week?

Our time together is one hour and a half each week. You will also need a couple of minutes before to get ready. We recommend you give yourself a couple of minutes afterwards before you resume your daily activities.

What happens if I miss a week?

You will receive a sound recording of each week. If you miss a week, you can listen to it at later time.

Can I share the recordings with others?

To respect the privacy of the group members, we require that you do not share the recordings with anybody. 

What’s your refund policy?

The online practice group is non-refundable because you will receive all the recordings once you sign up.  If unexpected serious extenuating circumstances occur and prevent you from listening to the recordings, contact us and we’ll explore what to do together.

Any other questions?  Contact me.