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Self-Formed Groups

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 If you have a group or want to form one, it is very useful to be able to rely on a group facilitator to help your group go deep in your discussions.

Gathering with like-hearted people and being able to deeply discuss topics of importance with respect, non-judgment and shared power is nourishing for the soul.

It’s such a privilege to witness the wisdom that emerges when a group of people communicate with courageous authenticity! 

I have facilitated groups of women at various stages of their lives who are looking to deeply explore topics of interest in a safe environment. 

My education and training as a teacher allow me to incorporate interactive elements and cater to different learning styles and needs. 

When I agree to facilitate a group discussion, I first talk to the workshop organizer in order to design powerful learning opportunities for the particular group. 


Here are some topics I’ve helped groups discuss:

  • Sharing authentically to create closeness

  • Accepting our current stage of life

  • Communicating with adult children as adults

  • Resolving communication challenges with adult children

  • Political divisiveness in the family

  • Navigating conflict with family members

  • Group Decisions: what’s our group really about?

  • Women and our identities

  • Talking about all aspects of our relationships with honesty and without judgment

  • Moving from scarcity into generosity

  • Having healthy conversations about difficult topics

  • Being a mother in an urban fast-paced environment

  • Aging and finding purpose in the final stage of life

  • Grieving together: how to support each other when a dear one has passed 




We asked Alejandra to facilitate the conversations in our group because we wanted to go deeper and feel more connected to one another in the group. Her style of gentle and responsive facilitation is gentle, non- judgmental, and an invitation towards introspection, honesty and self-growth. The way she talks and guides us has modeled, and encouraged that same honesty and openness within our group. This has become apparent for us as a group - and has moved us all towards implementing this approach in our personal relationships.  I used the tools I learned from Alejandra with a team of social workers I supervise and… it works! We have grown - deeper and stronger- since our work with Alejandra, and appreciate where she has guided us.

Lee P. San Francisco


What I most enjoyed about Alejandra’s facilitation was the ease with which she took command of our group and enabled us to focus on the topic of the day.  She has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable about expressing their feelings and thoughts on whatever exercise or subject we were involved in. I think the group bonded even further through some of the exercises she shared with us. Personally, I am working on ‘owning’ several of the behaviors that would make my interactions with people more real and satisfying. I’m grateful for the energy, warmth, caring and wisdom you brought into our lives.

Vicki K. San Francisco