Learning the language of your essence nature is akin to learning a foreign language; you can potentiate your transformation by practicing with a group of like-hearted individuals who are also learning how to speak their truth with authenticity, power and compassion.

All online programs, workshops and retreats include interactive activities with powerful exercises to put your authentic voice into practice.

Here are opportunities for joining a group and receive Alejandra’s guidance.

Speak Your Truth Practice Groups
Speak Your Truth Online Practice Group

September 6 - November 1
8 Fridays
Speak Your Truth Practice Groups
Speak Your Truth Online Practice Group

September 10 - November 5
8 Tuesdays

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I joined Being Real, the online communication course, because I needed to reset how I communicated with those closest to me. By the last class I felt a genuine transformation. My husband noticed it, as did my 2 middle school girls. My transformation inspired my husband to work on his own communication style. The course has helped me strengthen my relationship with my girls, and has helped me lead more effective business meetings. It's a work in progress of course, but my husband and kids in particular notice that I listen much better, and I notice that I drop into the belly to communicate wants and needs from the heart. The combination of the course's learning materials and the experiential piece were great for allowing me to learn more about myself, and learn how to honor myself and others when communicating. My husband and I have recommended this course to many friends and acquaintances. Alejandra, thank you so much for the love and energy you put into creating all of the materials, and into the weekly sessions.

Hillery M. Director of Marketing and Communications, Massachusetts


I became aware of my communication patterns/habits and was inspired to make changes in how I communicate so I can have healthier relationships. Also, I learned how to listen empathically by listening to Alejandra, who has amazing listening skills.

Rob M.Non-profit Consultant, Vermont


During the Being Real online course I was able to see more clearly my habitual, negative communication patterns. By being aware of them and using Language Alchemy tools, I can change these into positive habits that lead to better, more harmonious and respectful communication.

Maria R. Environmental Engineer, Massachusetts