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It’s been an honor to train thousands of individuals at conferences, workplace retreats, trainings and workshops since 1996. 

I create a sense of community with participants in just a couple of hours, which is essential for everybody, myself included, to learn from the wisdom of our shared humanity.

My education and training as a teacher allow me to incorporate interactive elements and cater to different learning styles and needs. Since most of the time I facilitate for adults, it’s crucial to create activities that are engaging and help adults be relaxed so that they can be more open to new information, deep exploration and willingness to apply new communication skills afterwards.

An effective training is an interactive and educational event that can meet the specific needs of the group or professional field. This is why, whether the workshop is a training for a large audience or a small team, I first talk to the workshop organizer in order to design a powerful learning opportunity for the particular group.

Several workshops and trainings I have facilitated over the years have been approved for continuing educational units in a variety of professional fields such as legal, medical, behavioral, educational, leadership, entrepreneurial, and healing arts.


 Here is a partial list of trainings and workshops I facilitated in a variety of settings:

  • Healthy Conversations about Unconscious Biases, Micro-aggressions and Unseen inequities

    Supporting diversity and inclusion departments expose their blind spots with empathy, safety, maturity, respect and commitment to learn and maintain human connection. 

  • Building a Culture of Collaboration: Crucial Conversations about Diversity, Inclusion and Shared Power

    Supporting the group implement communication and behavioral strategies that honor their values of diversity, inclusion and shared power. 

  • Communicating What Matters: Building a Culture of Respect and Success for All

    Helping non-profit service providers uphold their values of respect, safety and support in times of internal conflicts as well as during conflicts with clients. Giving service providers specific tools to support their clients with empathy, respect, and assertiveness. 

  • Healthy Conversations about Difficult Topics

    Groups cannot grow and thrive without learning how to harness the potential conflicts provide to understand emerging needs and take intelligent action.  In this training, participants learn to approach and navigate conflict at work skillfully so that they can find creative and powerful solutions.

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

    Showing participants how to provide accurate and important information to implement changes that lead to growth, efficiency and connection rather than expressing negative opinions that lead to defensiveness and alienation.

  • Creating an Optimal Environment for Staff, Patients and Clients

    Providing tools for staff to resolve conflicts in fast-paced environments and to respond empathically to patients and clients who are frustrated, anxious or confused.

  • The Art of Giving and Receiving Opinions

    Helping self-identified introverts working together to voice constructive opinions and have openness to listen to opposing views.

  • Speaking the Language of Leadership

    Helping leadership students and organization leaders understand the role of language and metaphor in their communication and leadership style.

  • Multicultural Humility

    Raising awareness about multiple levels of culture in ourselves and others. Practical tools to communicate with clients from diverse backgrounds with respect, curiosity and empathy.

  • Skillful Speech and Compassionate Awareness about Privilege and Oppression

    Supporting groups to engage in compassionate observation of their biases and unconscious participation in racial oppression.

  • Transforming the Way We Communicate: How to Obtain Needed Information and Support

    Raising awareness about the impact of language and communication in the legal, medical and behavioral field.

  • How to Communicate with Limited English Proficient Clients with Clarity, Compassion and Non-judgment

    Supporting behavioral health professionals communicate clearly and compassionately with Limited English Proficient Clients.

  • Working Effectively with Interpreters

    Helping professionals in the behavioral and legal field understand the role of an interpreter and acquire best practices to help their Non-English proficient clients who need interpreting services.

  • Fundamentals of Mental Health Interpreting

    Supporting interpreters develop key unique competencies in the mental health interpreting field.

  • Self-Care for Interpreters

    How to take care of oneself and prevent vicarious trauma before during and after an intense interpreting event.

  • Educating Service Professionals about the Interpreting Profession

    Giving proven tools to interpreters to educate professionals in the healthcare and legal fields to elicit understanding and respect for the interpreting profession, as well as to gather support, collaboration and professional courtesy.

  • Interpreter as Cultural Broker

    Promoting understanding of the cultural implications of working with interpreters in journalism with the intention of providing culturally accurate news and information.

  • You Are Certified. Now What?

    Showing newly certified interpreters to follow practical steps towards gaining employment.

  • Body, Speech and Mind: Communication on and Off the Mat

    Helping yoga teachers integrate the principles of yoga throughout all interactions, including uncomfortable situations.

  • The Alchemical Power of Conflict: Maintaining Ahimsa in the Middle of Intensity

    Supporting yoga practitioners and yoga teachers to practice the principle of non-violence during conflicts.

  • Jñāna Yoga: Understanding, Being and Expressing the Real You

    Sharing with yoga practitioners and yoga teachers how to practice the yoga of deep knowledge or wisdom as a base for communication.




Communicating What Matters: Building a Culture of Respect and Success for All 

“It became easier to feel compassionate about someone being for example highly irritated as I learned to look behind the facade and tried to understand their needs. That made it in many ways easier for me to either not be reactive or react more focused and less emotional.”  

“This workshop could be great for teachers who are looking for ways to better manage/communicate with their students”

“I think any organization or company would greatly benefit from this training. Employees would be much more productive if they had a quick and effective way to deal with problems that come up in the workplace. In my workplace we have mediation, but this is even better because it prevents problems from growing into larger conflicts.”

“Alejandra was always able to translate the work between interpersonal communication and business situations. This gives her a unique ability to connect with individuals and be a valuable resource for organizations.”

Healthy Conversations about Difficult Topics 

 “I have felt significant improvement in how I prepare to speak with clients, and with close family/friends.”

“My relationship with myself seems to have opened and become more loving and tolerant as a result of the workshop.”

“I would recommend this workshop to people generally interested in learning about non-confrontational ways to communicate, couples who are stuck in their relationship and can't find a way to communicate, any sort of company, students in preparation to enter their professional lives.”

Building a Culture of Collaboration: Crucial Conversations about Diversity, Inclusion and Shared Power 

 “All these methods of communication have been very effective in making my work environment less hostile and draining.” 

“I have used some of the things I learned through this workshop to better communicate with a family member (my brother). There were only two possibilities in the past, silence or anger. With the skills provided to me during this workshop and if I put them to good use, those possibilities could give way to a healthier and long-lasting dialogue.”

“I think that Alejandra's style of teaching makes you feel that you can express yourself to her regarding the teaching or the class structure at any time and that she is open to this kind of dialog.”

“Alejandra leads with a natural grace that invites openness and participation. Her centered and unflappable presence "holds" the group and encourages risk-taking by participants.”

“My relationship with a coworker started to change after I used the techniques I learned in this workshop and another one I took with Alejandra. It is still an ongoing process, but I feel I now have the tools to deal with issues that come up. I had one conversation with her after she did something at work that upset me, and something she said made me realize that I had been assuming things that actually weren't true. Afterwards I felt a connection to her that I hadn't felt in years.” 

“Attempting to navigate through a conversation about politics in the work place is normally taboo, however with the real tips and guidelines Alejandra imparted to us, I can see a clear pathway to sharing in meaningful conversations that make sure all parties are valued.  The workshop involved real life interaction and experiences to tie together the important points that I will be able to directly implement into my classroom as a teacher, and more importantly among my peers and colleges.”

Skillful Speech and Compassionate Awareness about Privilege and Oppression Workshop Participant

“The workshop changed the way I perceive people and situations around me.”

Speaking the Language of Leadership 

“I was able to explore my communication patterns and identify ways to improve not only my communication, but my ability to be bring mindfulness towards myself and others –and I feel more connected to my values, as a result.”

“I used one of the exercises with one of my clients who approached me with anger about one of our policies.  I addressed her concerns head-on: I asked her how she felt about the policy and then acknowledged her feelings by saying ‘I can see you feel frustrated because you value privacy.’ When she heard this, the anger evaporated from the conversation. Later then client thanked me for listening to her.”

“This is an incredible workshop and I love the level of integrity Alejandra operates at. I also feel that my needs were valued in this class, which made me feel more attentive.”

Creating an Optimal Environment for Staff, Patients and Clients 

“We went over concepts that I offer my clients and volunteers at work but have not translated effectively as part of my communication with my staff.  Exploring this and the values behind the emotions and strategies was really helpful.”

The Art of Giving and Receiving Opinions Workshop Participant

“The workshop made me realize that communication consists of many patterns created by habit and internal dialogue.  It also let me bring awareness to these patterns.”

Educating Service Professionals about the Interpreting Profession 

“I have heard a lot of speech about communication. This one is so different and relevant in my work to hear the point of view of a professional interpreter. Thank you.”

Working Effectively with Interpreters Workshop Participant

“There needs to be more language access trainings like this. Very helpful to understand what responsibilities of interpreters are and how to work with them effectively.  More judges and lawyers should take this course! Very valuable information!”

“The audience appreciated your informative, relevant and well-delivered presentation. The written evaluation comments indicated that, after the presentation, the audience felt more confident in working with interpreters and would be more mindful of their interaction with the interpreter and their non-English speaking clients.”  

Director of Office of Diversity and Equity (ODE), Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS) 

San Mateo County Health System