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The Art & Science of Respectful Discipline

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From Our Clients

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Danielle T.

I was floundering as a mom…struggling with sleep, worry and new dynamics in the house with a new baby. The course gave me the confidence to relax as a new mom. I learned valuable tools for parenting and also how to be in harmony with myself and my family. I now find parenting much easier and have the patience and skills to navigate difficult situations. I’m so grateful to Alejandra and Caroline because parenting has become an absolute joy for me.


Allison L.

I appreciate Caroline and Alejandra’s energy — it’s so thoughtful and aware, and I feel as though they are never judging any of us. They’re looking at us through eyes of joy and wonder, it’s so beautiful. They both know their craft so well, too — they are such experts in what they do, and I can tell they love it.


Eliana L.

Thank you for helping me to take the time to think and reflect. I’ve read a lot, but it’s not the same as being in a group. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and also being so non-judgmental with all our feelings… Caroline’s and Alejandra’s energies, the balance between both of them, is really nice.


Shannon T.

I have taken so many classes — it’s what I do. After this class, I went home and told my husband, this is the class I have been waiting for!


Greer B.

It gave me the internal and external tools I needed to have a realistic and loving parenting vision to raise my little girl with confidence. Internally, it gave me the self-reflection to be aware about how I wanted to interact with my daughter. Externally, it gave me concrete ways to talk to my child to create safety and connection with her in any situation. The space Alejandra and Caroline create is inviting and powerful.


Lilla N.

I learned it’s very important to identify my values and the messages I would like to give to my boy and my family… and to communicate better so that my language is closer to my own values. I also enjoyed learning about child and communication development. Alejandra and Caroline created a beautiful community of parents that we all benefitted from.