Language Alchemy

One-on-One Coaching


It’s been an honor to support hundreds of individuals in one-on-one coaching sessions.

I can support you if you sincerely want to:

  • Have a voice, because you tend to hide, shut down or resent not being able to speak up
  • Connect to your non-negotiable values and needs
  • Stand up for your values and needs while considering those of others
  • Shift self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Let go of self-criticism, self-rejection and self-pity
  • Tell the truth and stop lying
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Enter, maintain, shift or dissolve personal, romantic or professional partnerships consciously
  • Present yourself authentically and powerfully in job interviews
  • Lead and delegate with clarity, integrity and inner authority



Here’s a detailed description of how we can work together

  1. We start with a clear plan. I write a summary of your needs and vision. You read it and approve it.

  2. We prioritize and work on what is needed first.

  3. In our sessions we engage in:

    • Communication pattern diagrams

    • Learning and practicing conscious communication tools

    • Guided visualizations

    • Compassionate inquiry

    • Role-plays

    • Mindfulness practices

    • Guided meditations

    • Somatic practices

    • Writing

  4. You come out of each session with an action point to practice in between sessions

Two more things you need to know about me and the way I work:

  1. I’m fully dedicated to walking my talk. I’ve tried and tested in myself everything I’ll be sharing with you. I’ve been practicing self-inquiry and looking at my language and its impact on my relationships for decades. I keep my practices alive by studying weekly with Jennifer Welwood, my teacher who bridges psychology and spirituality.  My work is greatly influenced by hers.  It is also influenced by decades of study in yoga, meditation, eastern philosophy and other contemplative practices.  I also go on retreats, engage in constant self-reflection and I will share with you how I work with my own patterns and how I engage in conscious relationships.

  2. I love all my clients. I am fiercely committed to supporting you in becoming the truest expression of yourself, and that requires creating a safe space in which you feel accepted as you are. When I say yes to guiding you, I become your companion on the journey and your champion for your capacity and growth.




I have witnessed clients achieve so much; the complete list would be really long! For the sake of brevity - I know you’ve been reading a lot already - I’ve grouped what I have observed into categories.

  • Interacting with others with confidence, power, honesty and compassion

  • Reducing self-judgment and judgment of others

  • Approaching conflict from a place of compassion and power

  • Reduced stress and increased inner peace

  • Making decisions with confidence and clarity

  • Developing and maintaining thriving relationships

  • Increased energy and self-satisfaction

  • Improved physical and emotional health

  • Healing damaged relationships

  • Increased capacity to face life

  • Experiencing an overall sense of well-being and zest for life




There are so many coaching modalities nowadays. Here are the components that influence and shape the way I coach.

Empathy is an essential element of the work. I listen to you with full attention and non-judgment and put myself in your shoes to see life from your perspective. 

I reflect what I hear and use techniques from a variety of sources, including Compassionate or Non-Violent Communication, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Mindfulness.  

I guide you through a variety of transformative self-inquiry processes influenced by the teachings and work of my main teacher, Jennifer Welwood, in combination with processes I learned from various teachers whose work I have studied for years, including John Welwood, Marshall Rosenberg, Robert Gonzalez, Nancy Kahn, Lama Tsultrim Allione, and François Beausoleil.

I also draw on wisdom and practices informed by yoga, non-dualistic eastern philosophies, Ayurveda, cognitive science and neurobiology. My main teachers and guides in these fields have been Jennifer Welwood, Scott Blossom, Chandra Easton, Robert Svoboda, John Welwood, and Lama Surya Das.

Aside from my studies and experience with clients and my own internal work, I also tap into our combined intuition.




Many people want to distinguish these two methods of approaching transformation work. Learn how these methods differ.

In psychotherapy, you usually devote a significant amount of time looking at your life’s history and reasons for your current suffering. In coaching, we focus on the present moment, your desired goals and how to reach them. At the end of each session you will have an action to take home and deepen the work in between sessions. You could say that psychotherapy concentrates on the why while coaching focuses on the how.

Even though in our journey together we might encounter sources of suffering or fear such as mental stories, unconscious communication patterns and habitual patterning, our work is not psychotherapy. The scope of our work does not aim to treat or relieve the symptoms of a diagnosable mental disorder.  However, you may find our work therapeutic in the sense of experiencing deep transformation, relief or ease.

Also, our Language Alchemy coaching work allows for deep self-connection, self-understanding and self-compassion, which is essential to honor our authentic values and needs.

Many of my clients tried psychotherapy before and are drawn to coaching instead; others find our work to be an excellent complement to psychotherapy. Several of my clients are psychotherapists.



  1. We start with a free 30-minute phone call in which you tell me your needs, I share with you how I can support you and I answer any questions you may have.

  2. If we both choose to embark on the alchemical journey together, we decide:

    • whether we’ll have sessions in person or via online video conferencing

    • how often we’ll meet in person or online

    • how long we’ll be working for. The length of our journey will depend on your specific needs

    • whether 1-hour or 1.5-hour long sessions will be more supportive for you

  3. We schedule sessions and start our alchemical journey!



Client Stories - Shannon.png

Shannon B.

I’ve worked with Alejandra one-on-one twice after going to her workshops. I was experiencing a lot of personal anguish and frustration both with life circumstances and people in general. I decided to work with her again because I noticed a habit was coming back. This habit was about redirecting my frustration with others back at myself and it turns into a cycle of self-loathing. I started feeling hopeless about the prospect of being able to be functional again. I was slipping into depression and anxiety. I sought professional help through traditional psychotherapy and was not finding a way out of hopelessness and helplessness.

That’s when I reached out to Alejandra again. The first notable difference in working with her is that she is an active participant in the session. Unlike the therapy settings I tried, I’m not the only one talking from beginning to end of the session. When I am with Alejandra, she listens to my needs, asks me to pause and reflects back to me what she hears in a way that we can piece things together. She knows my patterns and is able to help me connect to behaviors and language patterns with specific guidance. I don’t feel alone in the sessions; in fact, I feel a sense of companionship and partnership.

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There is also a certain level of intimacy that we have in our sessions that I’ve never had with other wellness practitioners. This kind of support, helps me open up to a lot of possibilities in the session and it allows for a deep level of emotional safety. I can really feel what I am feelings in a very deep level and without fear. I now have access to my feelings; they are not scary because in the sessions I feel the safety to face them.

Alejandra does an amazing job creating a safe trusting place for exploration and understanding. She is there with me without judging me. I trust that she won’t judge me. It’s an unconditional acceptance of who I am and what I mean. This acceptance allows me to trust that I can process difficult energy and stay afloat.

The biggest piece that Alejandra’s helped me with my communication with others is the ability to express sincere empathy. That goes a long way in lot of different circumstances. I learned to reframe the idea of how I relate to people in crisis, difficulty, grief, tension and dissatisfaction, whether these people are my family, colleagues or clients. I now teach my teammates to communicate to clients in this empathic way so that our clients feel heard and they also understand that our needs are as valuable as theirs.

In the past, when a potential client wanted to ask for discounts before understanding the value of our service, I did not know how to communicate. Now, I know how to stay true to my values and have openness to hear the needs of potential clients. Just last week, a potential client wanted to negotiate rates before we met. I was able to email him back and express myself with total empathy over his financial situation and explain why changing our price would not allow us to provide the quality of service we strive for. After receiving my email, he was enthusiastic about moving forward with our rates and even mentioned that the way I communicated helped him make the decision to hire us.

The first time I worked with Alejandra, I was longing for more connection in my life. I have stronger connections now because I can empathize with others and repair frayed bonds. Since I have my own language, I’m not getting stuck feeling something I can’t express or feel so impacted by social anxiety. I’ve also learned to have empathy towards myself and that makes it easier to be empathic with others.

My work is similar to Alejandra’s except that I facilitate authentic communication between humans and their animals. Humans are clear in their intent but they sometimes communicate with their animals in a human-centric way that is not well received by the animal. When the animal does not understand its owners, the owner often becomes frustrated with the animal and this creates a cycle of misunderstanding and dissatisfaction. I love doing this work and bringing an evidence-based compassionate approach. Working with Alejandra helped me communicate to our clients in the way I teach them to communicate to their animals.

I’m so grateful to have Alejandra in my life.

Taylor copy.jpg

Taylor P.

I initially wanted to work with someone because I was seeking change and direction in my life. I wanted to work with someone that was kind and understanding, but could also give me the tools I needed to start this path of direction in my life. Alejandra impressed me with her knowledge and her ability to truly connect with me.

In our sessions, I've learned so much about myself, but mostly I've learned why I feel certain ways and how to handle them when they are present. I've learned to be kind to myself and treat my life with balance. I have learned to speak and communicate with others in a more genuine way that come with more empathy than I've ever had before. I take more time to listen and understand where others are coming from before I respond or jump to conclusions. My relationships with loved ones has improved and I've even gotten feedback from others that I've grown and communicate better.

Our work together has helped me transform uneasy feelings like sadness, anxiety, fear, etc., into healthy places that let me go about my day in a healthy way when those feelings occur. I've learned that most "bad" things in life are truly just small things.

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Uneasy feelings pass and I am able to embrace those feelings head on and learn to truly feel them as they come and go. It may sound strange, but I am blessed to be able to feel these uneasy feelings and take them on in stride. I accept them and it feels good to feel them now. I am alive.

Now, I am able to share my knowledge and experiences with others and act as a crutch and support system for those around me that need help at times. The student has become the teacher in a way :) I am in no way perfect, but I have been on a healthy path in every sense of the phrase since I've been working with Alejandra. My life is more balanced, I have direction, and I am learning to build very meaningful relationships which is my biggest passion in life.

Testimonial - Caroline.png

Caroline G.

I came to work with Alejandra after knowing her as a friend and watching her work from afar for many years. When I decided that I wanted to start my own coaching business working with families, I hired Alejandra to help me figure out how to get started. Knowing Alejandra, I sensed that what she had to offer would be helpful. But what I got was so much more than just helpful.

In addition to giving me a roadmap to follow for launching my business, Alejandra helped me peel back the layers of what I had to offer in my work and talk about those offerings in an authentic, open, and heartfelt way that felt deeply aligned with who I was personally and wanted to be in my work.

In the process I also uncovered the mental stories, personal history, and pain that was getting in the way of me being of service to others. My work with Alejandra helped me make peace with my own vulnerabilities—a process that has helped me enormously as I work with others in their moments of tenderness or vulnerability.

Working with Alejandra was so powerful that, when it became clear that we had a similar desire to offer support to new families, I jumped at the chance to partner with her. Our partnership has only deepened my respect for all Alejandra teaches and for how she holds space for me and so many others.

Nearly two years later, I still lean on the guidance Alejandra offered me in the early days of my business launching. I continue to look to her as the leading exemplar for how to show up with love and openness with others, and how to speak my truth in my work and personal life.

Testimonial - Rebecca.png

Rebecca B.

I faced a career and life changing decision recently.  I had changed my mind 3 times regarding the direction I wanted to take in my career.  I met with Alejandra to learn how to communicate my final decision to my employer and loved ones.  After meeting with her, I realized I had also learned how to determine what I actually wanted to do (instead of what I thought I should do).  Alejandra helped me understand what I wanted and why I wanted it.  She then helped me to find the words and confidence I needed to authentically communicate my decision to all concerned.  I am now enjoying my career more than I have in the previous 25 years!

Testimonial - Nammy.png

Nammy P.

I met Alejandra as my patient. I realized I felt safe to open up and share my vulnerability with her. I am a strong independent woman who likes to be in control and get things done. In our work together, I saw I had a lot of fears and didn't feel safe to know how to talk about them. I didn't want to upset others. I learned how to feel safe while expressing my concern and fears in a way that is respectful to others. In fact, communicating openly helps the other person be open honest and vulnerable.

I feel like I became a woman working with Alejandra.
I know now how to give my inner child had the support it needed to live in the world as a smart, successful yet kind, compassionate, and caring woman. As a result of all this Language Alchemy work, I feel like I live life now. I always lived in fear but I now live in empowerment and feel I can communicate with my heart to reach a resolution.  I feel like the work I did with Alejandra is the art in the heart of working with people!   I feel like I have learned to have it all: health, wealth, success, and compassion!  Thank you Alejandra!

Testimonial - Elizabeth.png

Elizabeth C.

I sought out Alejandra’s help because I wanted to shift my practice in a new direction. Our work together helped me clarify and articulate my goals and intentions, and through her skillful balance of support and encouragement, I was finally able to create and launch a website. She is such a skilled listener and communicator and was able to extract and synthesize my scramble of creative but disorganized thoughts into a cohesive narrative about who I am and what I am offering. This included helping me to design new programs and expand the way I am working with clients.
Ultimately, consulting with Alejandra revived my love and connection to my work, and infused me and my therapy practice with confidence, innovation and inspiration.

Testimonial - Sharon.png

Sharon S.

When I started working with Alejandra, I was feeling challenged to put into words the essence of what I hoped to offer in my work.  I did not know how to get started in refining my direction.  Alejandra lovingly guided me to listen deeply to myself in order to understand and describe my approach and offering to the world. I emerged from the journey with Alejandra feeling connected to myself and with a clearer vision and language for my website. As a result of working w Alejandra I developed a description of my psychospiritual work that was clear and authentic.

Testimonial - Yonah.png

Yonah L.

I sought out Alejandra in order to prepare for Medical School interviews. Alejandra's approach to our work together was warm, inviting, and conveyed an implicit message about the importance of self-awareness. Our work also focused on this goal more explicitly - Alejandra had me identify those values most important to me. This exercise helped me remain grounded during my interviews, and bring more energy and story to my pre-medical experiences as I shared them with students and professors on my interview trail. Thanks to Alejandra, I can better convey my core values through language and conversation.

Testimonial - Kathleen.png

Kathleen M.

I started working with Alejandra because I was struggling with my work and personal relationships, and I needed help to get out of a depression. Over the past two years, Alejandra has taught me how to deeply connect with my values and my heart, so that I can show up authentically for myself and my relationships. I have learned how to identify my feelings and work with that energy to understand my desires for connection, creativity and freedom. I can face my difficult emotions and find the light of awareness on the other side. It is very empowering to live my truth! I am very grateful for Alejandra’s guidance and support.

_Testimonial - Rob.png

Rob M.

I sought out Alejandra’s help on two different occasions: once when I was having challenges with a person I was sharing a house with and another time when I had relationship issues. Alejandra helped me understand why I was having challenges and helped me address them by teaching me some useful personal growth techniques and suggesting more effective ways of communication. I am definitely able to communicate more authentically and have more tools to use when I confront the inevitable challenge.

Testimonial - Denise.png

Denise D.

While participating in Alejandra’s on-line course I experienced her gentle loving manner, intelligent grounded presence, and passionate ability and agility for sharing the transformational aspects of Language Alchemy.

Alejandra also created a beautifully safe environment and this all led me to realize that she was the perfect fit to accompany me on my alchemical journey. What an empowering and freeing journey it has been and continues to be!

I have learned how to recognize “triggered” energy patterning that was sabotaging my communication and how to transform it into awareness for authentic and conscious communication. I have learned that I have the capacity to remain grounded, present and open even in the most vulnerable situations. I have learned ways to communicate informed by my values and what matters to me, in order to be authentic and empowered by sharing from my heart.

As a result of our work together I experience more fulfillment and love present while connecting and communicating with others. What has become crystal clear and poignant to me through this alchemical journey is that we human beings are wired for connection and the more I invest in connecting wholeheartedly and authentically, the more I invest in the well being of humanity. All love & gratitude to you Alejandra!

Testimonial - Fred.png

Fred P.

I heard about Alejandra’s work from mutual friends and started working with her to improve my communication skills with family, friends & business colleagues.  As a result of our work together I’ve learnt how to listen more authentically to what others are saying and also to my inner dialogue, what my heart is saying.  I now feel less reactive and more receptive to just ‘being’ & listening to another’s viewpoint.  And the quality of relationships with significant people in my life has improved.

Testimonial - Jennifer M.png

Jennifer M.

Since working with Alejandra, I’ve learned how to transform the way I interact with others and and how I connect with myself. I’ve been able to handle difficult conversations with grace. Her gentle and strong method of deep listening and guidance is effective and magical. I’m so grateful I answered the call to connect with her. I stand in my own truth more that ever before and feel confident in moving ahead with my newfound courage to express and shine.

Testimonial - Jared P.png

Jared P.

I came to work with Alejandra shortly after my father passed away to learn how to cope with the loss. I only wish that I started going sooner because not only has it taught me how to work through my feelings, but also to communicate better in my relationships, at my job, and with my family and friends. A year later, I’m in a much better place than I could have imagined, and happier and more fulfilled than I’ve ever been.

Testimonial - Lana.png

Lana H.

I found Alejandra through a mindful mothering group after I tried three different therapists with no success. I had postpartum anxieties, sleep deprivation and had been going through a tough time in my marriage. Life happened too fast for me and became easily short-tempered; expressing all my emotions to my husband was extremely difficult.

Alejandra taught  me the art of understanding and expressing my own thoughts in a way that I could be heard exactly how I wanted others to hear me. I’ve learned how to listen and understand the underlying values and meaning behind words.

My life started shifting to a whole new level. I became less irritable and much more confident when it comes to communicating something important. I know I’m a better wife and mother now than I was a few months ago. My husband is learning to express his thoughts to me in the new way even though he is not a client. My situation was time sensitive. I couldn’t spend years in therapy, I had to save my marriage and raise a child in a healthy household. All of these changes happened for us in just a few months. I will be forever grateful to Alejandra for all the wisdom she shared with me and will continue to practice my language alchemy.

Testimonial - Elizabeth B.png

Elizabeth B.

I came to work with Alejandra 5 years ago as I was going through a major life transition. I had tried good old fashioned therapy which was definitely a help for the short term but I was looking for more long-term help.

Alejandra and I worked on both personal and professional hurdles. Through my work with Alejandra I have learned to slow down and think about how I’m communicating. I’ve learned the benefits of meditation and how slowing down your brain can help you manage all aspects of your life. She has been a trusted confidant and advisor and I would highly recommend working with Alejandra as my experience has been really amazing. 

Testimonial - Lee.png

Lee B.

When I began Language Alchemy work, I was feeling lost and in a state of seeking. I wanted to find something that could solve all my problems, heal the suffering of a painful breakup and help me adjust to a new job and co-workers in a competitive environment. Yet, I was not very sure of what I actually wanted. From the beginning, Alejandra was able to zero in what I needed; it was like she knew me already and accepted me, as I was. It felt so safe and settling to be seen by someone who saw me wholly, to be known, without judgment, and to experience such immediate compassion. I knew I could tell her anything.

I had done some work on myself before working with Alejandra. Growing up gay in a conservative suburb in the 60’s and 70’s was not an easy life. The hiding of and coping with that had had an effect on me, which has reverberated throughout all areas of my life, especially in connecting with people. I even tried “conversion therapy” through a church. That only led to me feeling more confused and self-critical. I had also done many hours of conventional therapy. But Language Alchemy work is very different; it’s interactive, requiring participation and work. In therapy, I got tired of listening to myself talk about my childhood and myself week after week with no solution in sight. A lot of the work seemed theoretical. Alejandra has given me tools every step of the way which I can use whenever I encounter challenges.

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In our sessions, we’ve done role-playing and inward exploration around triggers that has been very hands-on and practical. Learning how to quickly recognize and navigate triggers has changed my life. Because the work is kinesthetic and somatic, I’ve learned to be with my whole being, not just my mind.

In working with Alejandra, I learned about the importance of paying attention. That sounds easy but my attention likes to bounce around (apparently not unusual for creative types like me). Learning how to focus and direct my attention was key to becoming present to what was actually going on for me. In time, the seeking became observing. Instead of seeking something outside of myself that could magically fix me, I learned to observe my feelings and reactions objectively and began to learn the language of describing those feelings and reactions, which has ultimately led to finding deeper understanding and empathy for myself and for all my relations.

I was able to observe that my language in my internal dialogue was in one way or another telling me there was something wrong with me, that I was not enough. I felt so depressed that in an attempt to explain my interpersonal challenges I had wondered if I had Asperger syndrome. I observed how hard it was to receive opposition or “negative” feedback because I took it as a validation that I was not enough. With Alejandra, we did many inquiry processes and I got to see how all this external orientation was actually giving me the opposite of what I wanted. Instead of feeling calm and confident, I felt so anxious and unstable because I was depending on others to validate me and to tell me who I was. As sessions went on and my awareness and capacity for empathy and compassion expanded, my seeing sharpened. The concept that my “cure” would come from something outside of myself diminished. The journey was inward.

In our journey together, Alejandra taught me to connect to a different language, a deeper language within me; the language of my longings. When I listened to my longings, I connected to a deeper sense of my being that is naturally calm, vast and bright. From that sense of self-connection, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted tools for navigating challenging interpersonal situations. I wanted confidence in my own being. I also wanted a partner to share my life with. The more I observed my internal language, the more I realized that I could choose to communicate differently. As my internal language changed, the language I used with others changed as well.

I learned to listen in a whole new way and to be present with others and myself in a way that feels connecting and safe. Relationships changed at home and at work. I’m able to maintain cordial professional relationships and I’ve made friends at work. And when I experience someone having a conflict with me, I no longer habitually hear the internal message that it’s “all about me.” In fact, I can have empathy for them, I can ask them questions and we can look for solutions together. As a result, I feel more connected with everyone. At work I feel I’m part of the team. The same thing happened with all my relations including clients. Receiving feedback from clients was hard sometimes. Now, it’s so much easier to see my clients’ comments from their perspective, and to get right to the solution if a solution is needed instead of feeling deficient or defensive. I’m so much happier in my work.

And I have a partner now! It’s been two years and our relationship is unlike any other relationship I’ve ever had because I can express what’s important for me in a less judgmental way. I can listen to him with empathy, which is so much more satisfying than fighting. And when I do get triggered, I can recognize the trigger for what it is and I am able to more quickly digest it using my Language Alchemy tools. At the same time, I’m able to remain open to my partner and hear what matters to him. There is no drama left unchecked in this relationship. When we hear each other, all the unnecessary intensity dissolves. I’m now able to be more mindful that his needs and desires are equal to mine in value.

It seems funny now, that before working with Alejandra, I sometimes thought of clients in terms of creative projects and that customer service was a professional attribute that helped me become more successful. My perspective has flipped. Now, I see each person who comes to me as an opportunity to serve them, to support them in having an amazing day and to feel good about their experience. I see each client as an opportunity for connection (to the degree they feel comfortable). And most dear to me, as I have become much more aware of how poorly women are sometimes treated and perceived in our society, I see my work as a way to honor and esteem them while they are in my chair, so that they have an uplifting and respectful [or gracious?] experience. I’m happy that Alejandra is one of the many women I have the great privilege to have on my chair.

Working with Alejandra has been unlike any other experience I’ve had. She’s supported me in more ways than I expected. For example, when I went on a quest to find my biological father, I discovered quickly that it’s not easy to get this kind of information out of people. Frustrated, I brought this issue to our work together. Alejandra and I role-played several scenarios. Then, I felt a shift in my search. I noticed I was going about it like a detective. In my communications with people who had information, I could not get anything out of them. While on my search to find my father, working with Alejandra also helped me learn how to prepare for the potential of receiving a “no” as an answer and how to be in acceptance and respectful of that outcome. Knowing and understanding that what really mattered to me came from my pure intention, was more important than my attachment to the outcome. This new understanding made a difference in how I approached requesting the information I was seeking. With that shift, I was ready to talk to the person who had access to the records. Using the Language Alchemy tools, I was able to let this person know why finding my biological father was important to me. I was able to speak with authenticity and vulnerably from my heart. And with that, we connected and in the end, they gladly helped me and I was able to find and meet my biological father. It was such a special moment in my life.

In this time I’ve been working with Alejandra, she’s been my surrogate best friend, with whom I can freely confide and be received with love. It does not matter what state I am in; she is non-judgmental, warm and nurturing. I feel trusted for my own capacity to see things and move into conscious action. And the truth is that I do have the ability to be aware and act consciously. When I leave each session, I am always more upbeat, and calm, more clear, more resolved, and more self-confident.

Lee Brock, Hair Colorist, Cozza Salon.

Testimonial - Natalie.png

Natalie C.

I met Alejandra during a retreat at Esalen, an incredible place near Big Sur. I was drawn to talk with her. She told me about her teachings and creating Language Alchemy. I intuitively knew that my own defeating internal dialogue was due to a sort of PTSD from listening to very angry people most of my life. I've been doing work to clean out those 'mind viruses' and plant new ideas and beliefs that are my own.

With Alejandra’s support, I looked at how my internal dialogue was draining my energy and I realized that this old internal dialogue defeats my attempts at realizing my dreams. I felt drawn to do this self-reflection with Alejandra because I know that if I am serious about raising peaceful children, I needed to do a lot of inner work.

In this work together I've had to figure out what my 'own' desires and values were..... and that's where I am now. The work I've been doing with her has been validating my gut feelings and guiding my way through a bumpy path. I learned that communicating with compassion doesn't mean just being nice, what a revelation!

Alejandra brings together so much knowledge with softness and strength. I love working with her. In addition to working with her one-on-one, which has been necessary for me to open up some very tightly protected areas of my psyche, I also started a tele course with her. This was great because it gave me the opportunity to practice with a group of people and see that I was not alone. Since doing all this Language Alchemy work, I've been able to navigate difficult conversations successfully, being true to my heart and express my true self.

Testimonial - Mitchell.png

Mitchell B.

My parents taught me that when I needed help, it was a good thing to go and ask for help. I just had a big breakup and I felt like I did not know how to move forward. I could not focus on my studies or my future and felt lost and lonely. It seemed that I could not motivate myself anymore.

My mom suggested I called Alejandra. My mom took Alejandra’s workshops and knew Alejandra could help me find my way back. My mom said Alejandra was going to show me what was valuable about me. At the time, I could not tell one thing that was valuable about me.

I remember the first conversation Alejandra and I had. I could not talk without crying. Alejandra’s voice was very warm and very touching to hear. I immediately felt I could trust her. I felt I could be me around her and that being me was okay to her.

Talking to her was like a sanctuary. I knew I was in a safe place. That safety helped me be open to discuss what was going on for me with total honesty. In our sessions, we did lots of exercises to alleviate my stress and helped me regain my confidence and power. I learned that I did not need to have a girlfriend to feel lovable and okay with myself. I don’t feel lonely for not having a girlfriend anymore because I learned to be happy with myself.

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I could follow her gentle guidance and little by little the focus on my studies and my goals reappeared. We worked not only on having tools for my day to day life, but also on the bigger goals.

Now, I have my own Zen. I feel more comfortable in my own being. I am able to notice so much about myself, like I can put myself in my own shoes and understand what I want and need.

I feel prepared to succeed because I notice when I’m believing useless stories in my head or intense feelings. I now know how to work with them so that I can connect to the real me. I would sum up our sessions as a journey of self-realization.

I will graduate from college in the spring. I applied for three internships and all of them accepted me! I will be working in an awesome recording company.

Mitchell Beard, Musician and college student

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Laurie C.

It has been an amazing and beautiful journey working with Alejandra. From our initial conversation, I felt at ease knowing there was a safe container to share my experiences. Before our work began, I wasn’t aware that ‘alchemy’ could be associated with communication but, during our time together, I realize it couldn’t be any other way. Transformation did indeed happen with how I connected and communicated with others and how, when I dropped into my heart and felt, rather than engaging my brain to think about something, the more I was able to effectively convey my feelings, needs and desires.

I felt stuck in several of my relationships and Alejandra helped me uncover the pain and patterns that ran deep and didn’t allow me to always express myself in a compassionate, loving way. Through our work together and the tools we developed, I had many aha moments, particularly when I communicated with family and friends. Where previously tough conversations may have rocked me off my center, I was able to stay connected in my heart and speak from a place of authenticity. Afterwards, I would think: "Wow, that was so much easier than getting all bunched up!"

The Language Alchemy work I did with Alejandra keeps supporting me despite the fact that the one-on-one work ended. I kept a journal with communication tools that I was learning during our sessions. I still consult my journal and find it a useful guide when I need to communicate what matters to me authentically.

I am honored to have experienced the love, kindness, compassion, and wisdom Alejandra brings to her work and grateful for the difference it has made in my life.

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Michael A.

When I began my year-long journey with Alejandra, I struggled to have a healthy relationship with myself and others; mostly because I was unable to speak my mind, tell my truth, and express my needs in a healthy manner.  Further, I was stuck in a proverbial rut in my career life as well.  I did not feel as though I had a purpose, and I did not know myself well enough to know what I valued and what I wanted to do professionally.  Through my work with Alejandra, I learned to connect with myself in a way that I had never done before.  In so doing, my self-talk ceased to be negative and my drive and passion for life came back.  In developing compassion for myself I began to communicate compassionately with others.  I applied to law school and I was accepted.  I am currently working toward my J.D. with a focus on environmental advocacy.  If it had not been for the work Alejandra and I did together, I would not have been able to walk through the fear that was keeping me from growing.  I like the person I am today, which is something I could not say before working with Alejandra.  I am extremely grateful for the year I spent working with her and I would recommend her to anyone.

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Danielle C.

Alejandra Siroka has given me a gift I didn’t even know how to ask for. I just knew I needed support and self exploration. Not just a bandaid, but understanding and strategies to heal from specific challenges and the deeper hidden triggers and unconscious motives in my habits. The depth of that understanding, both coming from her and the tools she has given me to understand myself, have helped to not only heal from the trauma that brought me to her, but to understand my triggers and work with them in regards to my day-to-day more mundane, standard, challenges. If I were to never work with Alejandra again I would feel stronger and smarter about my ability to deal with challenges on my own. But the truth is we constantly find avenues of growth that continue to enrich my life. Her presence and empathy have made my job exploring so much easier and more empowered that I will always value the time I am able to work with her directly. Anyone who gets the chance to explore deeply about self or communication with others, will greatly appreciate it.