Workshops & Professional Development Trainings

I have been designing and facilitating interactive workshops and trainings since 2001. Workshops are a great way to get a taste of Language Alchemy.

Several of the workshops I’ve designed and led have stemmed from requests from people who attended Language Alchemy introductory workshops.

I love creating a sense of community with participants in just a couple of hours. When this sense of community is felt, participants speak with authenticity and what usually happens is that everybody, myself included, learn from the wisdom of our shared humanity.

I like incorporating various interactive elements in my workshops that can cater to different learning styles and needs. Since most of the time I facilitate for adults, I find it essential to create activities that are fun and will help people laugh. We need to be relaxed to be open to new information.

When the workshop will be considered a training for either a large organization in a conference hotel or in the organization’s training center or an intimate group, I ask to talk to the workshop organizer so that I can design an effective training that can meet the specific needs of the group or professional field. Click here to schedule a conversation about facilitating a workshop for your group or organization.

Several workshops and trainings I have facilitated over the years have been approved for continuing educational units in a variety of professional fields such as legal, medical, behavioral, educational, leadership, entrepreneurial, spiritual and healing arts.

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Here is a partial list of workshop titles I facilitated:

  • Speak your Heart and Mind
    Supporting participants to communicate authentically from a deeper place within themselves instead letting their habitual underlying assumptions and egoic mind identifications guide important conversations
  • Speaking the Language of Leadership
    Helping leadership students and organization leaders understand the role of language and metaphor in their communication and leadership style
  • Self-Talk Impact
    Raising awareness about the effect of self-criticism in our behavior and ways of relating and tools for a conscious, compassionate and constructive inner dialogue.
  • Healthy Conversations about Difficult Topics
    Helping participants approach and navigate conflict at work and at home skillfully and corageously.
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
    Showing participants how to provide accurate and important information to implement changes that lead to growth, efficiency and connection rather than expressing negative opinions that lead to defensiveness and alienation.
  • Empathy 101
    Providing tools to staff to respond empathically to patients and clients who are frustrated, anxious or confused.
  • The Art of Giving and Receiving Opinions
    Helping self-identified introverts working together to voice constructive opinions and have openness to listen to opposing views.
  • Bringing Your Passion to Life: With Proven Guide to Creating Intentions That Stick
    Inspiring people in the beginning of the year to create a specific, clear and compelling vision for their lives for the year ahead and to make lasting change
  • Communicating in Alignment with Our Values
    Supporting participants make important organizational decisions skillfully.
  • Exploring, Expressing and Embodying Generosity and Sufficiency
    Showing participants, the impact of the language of generosity and sufficiency and the true cost of the speaking the language of scarcity
  • Body, Speech and Mind: Communication on and Off the Mat
    Helping yoga teachers to integrate the principles of yoga throughout all interactions, including uncomfortable situations
  • The Alchemical Power of Conflict: Maintaining Ahimsa in the Middle of Intensity
    Supporting yoga practitioners and yoga teachers to practice the principle of non-violence during conflicts
  • Jñāna Yoga: Understanding, Being and Expressing the Real You
    Sharing with yoga practitioners and yoga teachers how to practice the yoga of deep knowledge or wisdom as a base for communication
  • Work Wisely: Tapping into the Guidance of our Bodies and Hearts
    Helping participants acquire practical tools to feel reinspired by their purpose, realigned with their values, and reconnected with their wisdom body.
  • Multicultural Humility
    Raising awareness about multiple levels of culture in ourselves and others. Practical tools to communicate with clients from diverse backgrounds with acknowledgment
  • Skillful Speech and Compassionate Awareness about Privilege and Oppression
    Supporting groups to engage in compassionate observation of their biases and unconscious participation in racial oppression
  • Transforming the Way We Communicate: How to Obtain Needed Information and Support
    Raising awareness about the impact of language and communication in the legal, medical and behavioral field
  • How to Communicate with LEP Clients with Clarity, Compassion and Non-judgment
    Supporting behavioral health professionals communicate clearly and compassionately with Limited English Proficient Clients.
  • Working Effectively with Interpreters
    Helping professionals in the behavioral and legal field understand the role of an interpreter and acquire best practices to help their clients who need interpreting services
  • Interpreter as Cultural Broker
    Promoting understanding of the cultural implications of working with interpreters in journalism with the intention of providing culturally accurate news and information.
  • You Are Certified. Now What?
    Showing newly certified interpreters to follow practical steps towards gaining employment.

Click here or visit the Calendar for upcoming public workshops.

What People Say About Language Alchemy

"It is a pleasure to experience connection in one-on-one explorations with Alejandra. In this work, Alejandra holds your heart with care as you unlock your innermost desires. Alejandra supports you in taking small do-able steps of great impact, which moves you toward meeting what matters most to you and co-creating with what you love in your life. An impact of our work together is a greater sense of safety and security as I venture into an area of growth that has been scary for me. This leads to an experience of living my wholeness, and often to deeper connection. Thank you Alejandra for your contribution to my life!"

Emily W, Coach (Boston, Massachusetts)

“Thanks for our session yesterday. I feel so much better than I have in a really long time. After the session it already felt like a giant weight had been lifted, and I'm even lighter today. I'll keep at it.”

Molly J., Sales Engineer (California)

“In our sessions I got in touch with “pure being.” I so enjoyed living out of that place, I feel in my skin, unfiltered. It’s like I can see the essence of people more clearly and they are gravitating towards me like insects to honey. It’s very alive here and I feel like I can connect to others very authentically.”

Michelle A., Mother (California)

“I would recommend her to people generally interested in learning about conscious and effective ways to communicate, couples who are stuck in their relationship and can't find a way to communicate, any sort of company, professionals in transition in their work lives.”

Kristy S, Yoga Teacher (California)

“I would recommend Alejandra to organizations like my department at work, and to anyone I am dating. Seriously.”

Deana R, Consultant (California)

“Alejandra "walks the talk". In every moment that I have seen her or have interacted with her she's always come from an uplifting and positive place. I feel that being around Alejandra you can learn these important teachings through osmosis.”

Nicole K, Entrepreneur (California)