Group Facilitation

I love facilitating groups of women or co-ed groups of friends. Gathering with like-hearted people and being able to deeply discuss topics of importance with respect, non-judgment and shared power is nourishing for the soul.

As a facilitator, I see that magic happens when every member of the group is able to speak authentically and to trust the value of their own participation.

It’s such a privilege to witness the wisdom that emerges when a group of people communicate with courageous authenticity! And when this collective wisdom is evoked here is what members of groups are able to do:

  • Explore any topic without judgment
  • Co-create safety and trust
  • Feel heard
  • Express themselves with authenticity
  • Deepen their connection with themselves and other members of the group
  • Maintain harmony
  • Tap into their own wisdom and share it with joy
  • Make decisions that work for everyone
  • Take what they learned in group out into your world

Here are some topics I’ve helped groups discuss:

  • Fostering deep connection with the group
  • Increasing empathy
  • Listening to one another with openness and compassion
  • Sharing authentically to create closeness
  • Accepting our current stage of life
  • Setting compassionate boundaries with adult children and needy friends
  • Political divisiveness in the family
  • Treating adult children as adults
  • Resolving communication challenges with adult children
  • Navigating conflict with family members
  • Group Decisions: what’s our group really about?
  • Women and our identities
  • Talking about your partner with honesty and without judgment
  • Generosity and scarcity
  • Having healthy conversations about difficult topics

If you have a group or want to form one, download this flier to share it with your group. Click here to schedule an exploratory conversation about the particular needs of your group.

What People Say About Language Alchemy

"It is a pleasure to experience connection in one-on-one explorations with Alejandra. In this work, Alejandra holds your heart with care as you unlock your innermost desires. Alejandra supports you in taking small do-able steps of great impact, which moves you toward meeting what matters most to you and co-creating with what you love in your life. An impact of our work together is a greater sense of safety and security as I venture into an area of growth that has been scary for me. This leads to an experience of living my wholeness, and often to deeper connection. Thank you Alejandra for your contribution to my life!"

Emily W, Coach (Boston, Massachusetts)

“Thanks for our session yesterday. I feel so much better than I have in a really long time. After the session it already felt like a giant weight had been lifted, and I'm even lighter today. I'll keep at it.”

Molly J., Sales Engineer (California)

“In our sessions I got in touch with “pure being.” I so enjoyed living out of that place, I feel in my skin, unfiltered. It’s like I can see the essence of people more clearly and they are gravitating towards me like insects to honey. It’s very alive here and I feel like I can connect to others very authentically.”

Michelle A., Mother (California)

“I would recommend her to people generally interested in learning about conscious and effective ways to communicate, couples who are stuck in their relationship and can't find a way to communicate, any sort of company, professionals in transition in their work lives.”

Kristy S, Yoga Teacher (California)

“I would recommend Alejandra to organizations like my department at work, and to anyone I am dating. Seriously.”

Deana R, Consultant (California)

“Alejandra "walks the talk". In every moment that I have seen her or have interacted with her she's always come from an uplifting and positive place. I feel that being around Alejandra you can learn these important teachings through osmosis.”

Nicole K, Entrepreneur (California)