Couple Communication Coaching

I love supporting couples in whatever stage of their relationship they find themselves! It’s almost magical to witness two people who love and respect each other relate to one another from a deep place of love and respect.

As someone who’s been married for 13 years, I know how much attention, energy and commitment it takes to co-create and maintain a thriving relationship.

I also know first-hand how meaningful it is to learn to love unconditionally; how important it is to learn to have conscious conversations about difficult topics with your beloved; and what a gift it is to be understood, seen and loved for being exactly who you are.

Lastly, I know that though difficult, it is possible to forge authentic ways of relating with our partner and stop repeating the dynamics we were exposed to as children from our family of origin.


How do you know that you and your partner would benefit from Language Alchemy work?

First, it’s important to know that I remain neutral and do not take sides. I believe that when you and your partner are held with the same level of compassionate presence you are both more likely to be open to communicating with one another with vulnerability, empathy and respect.

Secondly, before we decide to work together, I have an exploratory conversation with both of you to find out if you would both feel equally supported and ready to be 100% honest and authentic with one another and with me.

Click here to schedule a complimentary exploratory phone call with me to share your needs and discuss together if we are a good fit for one another.



When I work with couples these are some transformations I’ve seen during our sessions:

  • Communicating with each other with empathy and compassion instead of using accusatory language
  • Treating one another in a way that reflects their individual and collective values rather than continuing to treat each other like their parents did
  • Choosing to develop shared power instead of having unhelpful and unconscious power imbalance
  • Communicating their individual and collective needs skillfully before tension builds up rather than not knowing how to express their truth, shutting down or feeling resentful towards each other
  • Having healthy conversations that lead to increased intimacy and connection instead of having arguments and fights
  • Understanding and honoring each other’s sensitivities and no longer criticizing each other’s differences
  • Responding to conflicts with awareness and power and reducing usual forms of reacting in ways that lead to disconnection
  • Establishing healthy boundaries to honor and support each other’s individual needs and growth
  • Having the ability to look within and seeing how each disconnects from themselves and learning to kindly build a bridge that leads to connection.
  • Making powerful decisions that lead to joy and intimacy instead of being taken over by confusion


Couple Communication Sessions Can Be In person or via Zoom

If you are in the Bay Area or if I’m traveling in your area, we can have an in-person session. I have an office in San Francisco two days a week and an office in San Rafael two days a week.

If you are outside the Bay Area or prefer to have video conferencing sessions, we can certainly do that. I use Zoom. I have clients all around the US and in other countries as well. I do request that if you choose to have Zoom sessions that you plan to be in a quiet and private space where you are not likely to be disturbed for the duration of the session.


What is the rate for couple communication sessions?

Working with a couple takes more energy for me as I am keeping track of the individual patterns and needs of each partner as well as the dynamic of the relationship. I also need more preparation time before the session and regeneration time after the session than I need with individuals. Thus, my rates for couples reflect the level of energy I put out.

I receive $185 for 1hr-long sessions and $275 for 1.5hr-long sessions.

I request that each session is paid in advance so that I can devote most of my energy and attention in helping you and others express yourself authentically.


Would you like to make an exploratory call with your partner?

Click here to schedule a complimentary exploratory phone call with me to share your needs and discuss together if we are a good fit for one another. Please know that we will need 45 minutes.


I also encourage you to read What is Language Alchemy in the About Section and the information I provide in the Individual Coaching Section where you will find a list of FAQ I receive often.

What People Say About Language Alchemy

"It is a pleasure to experience connection in one-on-one explorations with Alejandra. In this work, Alejandra holds your heart with care as you unlock your innermost desires. Alejandra supports you in taking small do-able steps of great impact, which moves you toward meeting what matters most to you and co-creating with what you love in your life. An impact of our work together is a greater sense of safety and security as I venture into an area of growth that has been scary for me. This leads to an experience of living my wholeness, and often to deeper connection. Thank you Alejandra for your contribution to my life!"

Emily W, Coach (Boston, Massachusetts)

“Thanks for our session yesterday. I feel so much better than I have in a really long time. After the session it already felt like a giant weight had been lifted, and I'm even lighter today. I'll keep at it.”

Molly J., Sales Engineer (California)

“In our sessions I got in touch with “pure being.” I so enjoyed living out of that place, I feel in my skin, unfiltered. It’s like I can see the essence of people more clearly and they are gravitating towards me like insects to honey. It’s very alive here and I feel like I can connect to others very authentically.”

Michelle A., Mother (California)

“I would recommend her to people generally interested in learning about conscious and effective ways to communicate, couples who are stuck in their relationship and can't find a way to communicate, any sort of company, professionals in transition in their work lives.”

Kristy S, Yoga Teacher (California)

“I would recommend Alejandra to organizations like my department at work, and to anyone I am dating. Seriously.”

Deana R, Consultant (California)

“Alejandra "walks the talk". In every moment that I have seen her or have interacted with her she's always come from an uplifting and positive place. I feel that being around Alejandra you can learn these important teachings through osmosis.”

Nicole K, Entrepreneur (California)