Speak Your Truth – Weekend Retreat

How do we show up for ourselves and others fully and authentically?

How do we stand up for our needs?

How do we set healthy boundaries?

How do we approach life’s inevitable conflicts without losing ourselves?

These questions are not only useful; they are crucial in the path of sustainable, integrated, and real personal transformation.

In this nourishing weekend, you will find the power of your voice through the clarity of your communication and learn to talk about what matters to you with confidence, integrity and compassion.


Through meditations, self-reflection, partner work, and role-plays you will:

* Explore the transformational power of language to connect to your true nature

* Become aware of the influence of your internal dialogue in your day-to-day life

* Transform anxiety and judgment of old, tired stories into newfound compassionate energy

* Experience telling your truth in ways that lead to enriched connection and inner peace

* Feel the power of being heard with full, embodied presence.


As you transform, you’ll see your world transform to meet you in a new place, a place where what previously seemed impossible is unveiled as your truth—something that has been inside you all along. This is your birthright, and it is time to claim it.

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Alejandra Siroka