Language Alchemy




March 8, 2019

Energy, Dance & Fitness

1122 4th Street

San Rafael, CA

(Above Aroma Café)


This month, you are invited to dance to Feminine Power.

Come to this fun and inspiring workshop and:

* Explore your relationship to feminine power

* Celebrate women in your life

* Get inspired while dancing

The workshop is co-facilitated by

Alejandra Siroka

Co-Facilitator - Alejandra.png

Paola Tomlin

Co-Facilitator - Paola.png


Dancepiration is a series of workshops crafted for you to dance, explore your relationship to a universal human quality, and feel inspired!

Dancepiration was created by conscious communication teacher and coach Alejandra Siroka, founder of Language Alchemy, and dance teacher and fitness coach Paola Tomlin, Energy, Dance & Fitness.

We both love to dance. When music, which is the universal language of the soul, is combined with inspiring lyrics, magic happens! This alchemical combination helps us feel into our interconnectedness with others and direct our lives towards positivity, joy and awareness.  And we really need all this in this world!


In each Dancepiration workshop we dance to a curated list of around-the-world songs whose lyrics invite us to reflect on our relationship to a particular theme. 

We offer suggestions as to how to let your body move to the rhythm and lyrics of songs, and we may all move together during some songs, yet this is not a choreographed dance class. 

We also engage in inquiry activities before and after we dance.  These activities include a combination of meditation or centering, writing, group reflection, and exploratory dialogue with a partner or small group.

Wear workout clothes and sneakers.

When you come to a Dancepiration workshop you are moved in body, mind and heart!